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Walt Davis Brings It re: Steroids and the HOF

Some writers have said they'd like the HoF to provide guidance on how to handle the steroid issue. It's not clear to me what they are waiting for -- Palmeiro violated MLB's steroid policy and Palmeiro is on the ballot. McGwire has confessed and he is on the ballot. It is clear that steroid use, in and of itself, is not disqualifying anymore than being suspended for a week for using a corked bat is. Meanwhile the violation of such a serious rule is clearly some mark against the player's integrity and the HoF has decided to leave it up to the voters to decide if it is severe enough to warrant exclusion just as they always have. It would be a gargantuan stretch to think that wants to exclude players based on mere suspicion of steroid use. Perhaps the best few paragraphs I've seen to express my feelings on how steroids should affect HOF voting.

A long list | Improve Conditions

Tim Marchman takes the 200 position players and 200 pitchers with the highest career rWAR and converts wins above replacement to wins above average by subtracting two WAR for every 600 plate appearances or 200 innings pitched.

Edgar Martinez > Don Mattingly

Daniel Moroz examines the HOF chances of Edgar Martinez and Don Mattingly

Baseball Fever Progressive Hall of Fame

Something of a different link, this takes you to (a very good) message board. Baseball Fever always have some great projects going on that should pique the interest of most baseball fans, but this is one of my favorites that has been going on for almost a year now. They essentially started the Hall of Fame from scratch and, beginning in 1900, allowed the posters to act as Hall of Fame voters and started going year-by-year to see what their own Hall of Fame would look like. Each year lasts a week, and it's a very interesting -- if vastly less serious -- look at being a voter. The discussion that comes up is often an informative and interesting look at history, as are the different attitudes the people bring in towards what makes a Hall of Famer and how they determine that. And it's also entertaining for me to come up with my own ballot every week. In any case, if you're a baseball historian, like polls, research, and like arguing about and discussing the Hall of Fame, it's probably your thing. Right now they're in 1944, with that vote closing after today (I'll change this link when the new week comes up). In that thread you can find the entire HoF through the first 43 years of voting. And here you can find the Progressive HoF archives.

Jeff Kent Retires

First ballot hall of famer? Probably not, the writers took a couple years to elect Ryno and he's a pretty comparable player I think. Kent: 9537 PA, 8498 AB, 123 OPS+, 377 HR Sandberg: 9282 PA, 8385 AB, 114 OPS+, 282 HR OK, maybe not as similar as I thought, though don't forget Sandberg was by most accounts an outstanding defensive 2B while Kent was passable for the most part. Also Sanberg had a good reputation with others in the game while most seem to think Kent is simply an *******. I think Roberto Alomar's polling next year will be an interesting barometer, the HoF can be very prickly wrt 2B.

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