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What's the Problem?


Would Ramiro Peña have made this play better than Eduardo Nuñez did? (AP) Joe Girardi gave Derek Jeter a night off on Monday night resulting...

What's Up With...? Arizona's Defense


Before the season, defense was made a priority by Arizona manager AJ Hinch. Has the team lived up to expectations?

2009 AL MVP Showdown: Greinke vs. Mauer vs. Mr. X, or, the Race for Second Place, or, Ken Rosenthal, Avert Your Eyes


Joe Mauer is a great candidate for AL MVP... runner-up.. right behind Zack Greinke. But he's got competition even for that.

Ozzie Guillen: Ramirez Not As Good As Me


Alexei Ramirez committed a "lazy" error that extended the game and shortened the Ozzie Guillen's bullpen. Ozzie sounded off in the post-game presser

Graph of the Day: The 2008 Rangers Outfield


A graphical look back at last season's Rangers outfield.

How good is the Yankee defense? - Pinstripe Alley


Ed Valentine (sweet name, whether it's real or not) takes a look at the improved Yankee fielding this year through the lens of advanced fielding metrics. It's a good read, and something I'm glad is appearing more often around the web. I really enjoyed the conclusion the article, too, which was refreshingly non-hyperbolized: "Despite their errorless streak, the Yankees are not a 'great' defensive team. What they are is a 'solid' defensive team, which is a huge improvement over the awful defensive team they were in 2008. Last season the Yankees cost themselves runs -- and ultimately games -- by not being able to make routine plays. This year, they are making the plays they should make and occasionally making a brilliant play. They may not be the best defensive team in the league. They are, however, helping themselves instead of hurting themselves. That's good enough."

How Age Affects Infield Defense Using UZR Component Skills


A look a how age affects the defensive abilities of infielders, broken down by position and componen skills - range, error rate, and turning double plays.

Graph of the Day: The Yankees Outfield


A graphical look at the defensive value of the Yankees newly named starting outfield.

I Won't Resign Before This Struggle Ends; So I'll Construct This Sound Defense: An Advance Look at the Jays Defense in 2009


A position-by-position look at the Jays defense in 2009, using plus/minus, UZR, fielding runs above average, and other fielding metrics.

Using Gameday to build a field metric part 2


Dan posted last time about part 1, but I think this second part from Jensen might be more interesting to people. He uses Gameday to develop a fielding metric and gets results similar to +/-, and UZR in terms of plays saved. But the run values seem to be a little different.

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