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Using Inside Edge data to evaluate Miguel Cabrera


Miguel Cabrera isn't a great defensive third baseman, but he isn't terrible either. What can we learn about his defense from the Inside Edge data?

2010 Fans Scouting Report


Tango requests your input for the 2010 Fans Scouting Report. Especially fans of the following teams: Arizona Diamondbacks Cleveland Indians Florida Marlins Houston Astros Washington Nationals

Top 5 OF Arms


The top 5 OF arms thus far in the 2010 season.

Most Balls Scooped at First Base (2009)

  1. Albert Pujols, STL (55)
  2. Paul Konerko, CHW (51)
  3. James Loney, LAD (47)
  4. Kendry Morales, LAA (47)
  5. Todd Helton, COL (47)

Graph of the Day: UZR's Error Component and Unearned Runs


Continuing with the defensive metric theme of this weeks graphs, today we analyze the correlation between the Error component of UZR and unearned runs.

Graph of the Day: Range Factor


Expanding on yesterday's graph of the day, today we examine whether or not Range Factor correlates to defensive production any more than fielding percentage.

Graph of the Day: The Nate McLouth Factor


Fielding percentage is not a good statistic to use when valuing defensive contributions, as the sabermetric community well knows. Still, many people don't understand - not only is fielding...

Graph of the Day: UZR Comparisons for 2008 NL Playoff Teams


Look at the defensive numbers for the 2008 National League Playoff Teams

How good is the Yankee defense? - Pinstripe Alley


Ed Valentine (sweet name, whether it's real or not) takes a look at the improved Yankee fielding this year through the lens of advanced fielding metrics. It's a good read, and something I'm glad is appearing more often around the web. I really enjoyed the conclusion the article, too, which was refreshingly non-hyperbolized: "Despite their errorless streak, the Yankees are not a 'great' defensive team. What they are is a 'solid' defensive team, which is a huge improvement over the awful defensive team they were in 2008. Last season the Yankees cost themselves runs -- and ultimately games -- by not being able to make routine plays. This year, they are making the plays they should make and occasionally making a brilliant play. They may not be the best defensive team in the league. They are, however, helping themselves instead of hurting themselves. That's good enough."

Defensive Replacement Level Defined


Chris Dial uses his Defensive Runs Saved statistic (based on Zone Rating) to determine what a replacement level defender is. In general, it's about the same level as offensive replacement is (85% of average). Most of those he found as replacement level defenders are above average hitters (unsurprisingly), so they're still above replacement level in general.

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