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Talking to a Sabermagician: Colin Wyers


Colin Wyers is well known, and well respected, within the Sabermetric community for his previous and current contributions to the field of Sabermetrics. He took the time to drop some #want and...

Custom wOBA and Linear Weights Through 2010: Baseball Databank Data Dump 2.1


In response to overwhelming demand (ahem), here are are customized weights from 1871-2010 for calculating hitter value with linear weights.

Baseball Databank Data Dump, I: FIP Constants and Runs Per Win


Do you want quick access to FIP customized to each season? Or Runs to Wins conversion, or even a way to calculate these yourself? Check it out.

Zack Greinke and the 11 Greatest Seasons Since Pedro's 1999


Zack looked like he was going to "make history" back in May. You know, the history books that cite pitcher WAR. So, I checked it out using my usual tricks that are actually borrowed from other people: Colin Wyers' BsR-FIP (why isn't this used more?), PythagenPat, etc. to see how he stacked up, and in the meantime, I rank a number of other great seasons. And, yes, this includes some stuff from before the "FanGraphs Era" (2002-).

Zack Greinke's 2009 in the Stream of Time: The 11 Greatest Seasons by Starting Pitchers Since Pedro's 1999


Everyone knows that Zack Greinke was the best pitcher (and probably player) in baseball in 2009. He should be a lock for the 2009 AL Cy Young. But how does his season stack up against the best...

Abolish the Draft


Colin Wyers lays out a convincing argument (as usual) that advocates the abolition of the MLB amateur draft. I strongly agree with him for various reasons, but he does a much better job than I at explaining why.

Revisiting the Myth of the RBI Guy, Part One


Most serious baseball fans know that RBi are overrated as a measure of offensive performance. But surely players with high RBI numbers need some special skill, right? In Part One of this two-part...

1996: The Twilight of Roger Clemens' Career?


Another self-explanatory title. Nothing too deep, just looking at how Clemens stacked up in 1996, his last season in Boston, using FIP, WAR, and also my first public attempt at using Colin Wyer's BsR-FIP. Bow before my generic number crunching and superficial analysis, mortals! P.S. In retrospect, some Stephanie Myers references would have been good.

And away we go...


Last minute thoughts on the upcoming 2009 MLB season, with a look around the blogosphere and what future work holds in store...

How good is Oakland's 2009 Rotation, With a Cameo By Pythagoras and More Thoughts on Pitcher Value


With the additions of Matt Holliday, Jason Giambi, and Orlando Cabrera, the Oakland Athletics seem to be "going for it" in 2009. But there are questions about their pitching. This article looks at...

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