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Pitching substitutions

I don’t understand this era’s baseball managers use of closers. I’m old. I started following baseball in 1948 or 49, the Jackie Robinson era. That was an era before managers started using new...


Closers in Non-Save Situations

Bryan Cole looks for evidence of the legendary "closer mentality" in those pitchers who perform better in save situations than in blowouts. Is this a repeatable skill, or just luck?

Saves Are Distorting Arbitration Salaries


Closers are receiving inflated salaries in arbitration but some teams can and should take advantage of the situation by keeping young pitchers out of the ninth inning


"Hey, That's Baseball": On Joel Hanrahan and Tough Losses

This morning at work a fellow Red Sox fan and I discussed last night’s loss to the Orioles. When we inevitably got to Hanrahan’s blown save he quipped "hey, that’s baseball." When you hear that,...


Easy as 1-2-3

Well, apparently not if you are Jonathan Broxton, who has become infamous for his entertaining saves. Fans seem to expect a simple, workmanlike 1-2-3 inning - but how realistic is a 1-2-3 inning? T...

To Hate Like This: Armando Benitez


Armando Benitez is possibly the most hated Mets pitcher ever. Should he be?

The Meaning of 600 Saves


Most saves of more than one inning (since 1994): 1. Mariano Rivera, 116 2. Keith Foulke, 55 3. Trevor Hoffman, 52 4. Danny Graves, 49 5. Jason Isringhausen, 42 Still, questions persist: Why are closers so limited? Why do they almost exclusively pitch one inning? Is it because, after much study and observation, everyone in the game realized that one-inning closers are more effective at holding leads than multiple-inning guys? Maybe, but I doubt it. The numbers I've seen strongly suggest that teams are blowing late-inning leads at exactly the same rate they did in the the 1980s and the 1970s and the 1950s and so on. Is it because hitters are so much better and the only way to counter that improvement is with a one-inning closer? Joe Posnanski @Joe Blogs

Interesting Mariano Rivera Graphic


An interesting link detailing his rare longevity.

Platooning Closers


The A's now have two relievers on their roster that have saved at least 20 games in each of the last two years. We all heard Beane & Co. saying that Bailey's the man in the 9th (even Fuentes admitted it). But how would you feel about us platooning these guys? 2010 WHIP vs. R/L Bailey - 0.86/1.10 Fuentes - 1.20/0.71 Click on the Title for the original article on Fangraphs which sparked the idea.

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