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Projections Wrap Up: Looking Back at a Wild Ride

The roller-coaster ride that was the 2011 MLB Postseason, graphed. Volatility was the name of the game.

Projections Update: Ignore These Projections

The Log5 odds favor the Rangers. Now forget about the odds. Just watch history in the making.

Projections Update: Rangers on History's Doorstep

Thanks to David Murphy, timely defense and some questionable decisions by Tony La Russa, the Texas Rangers find themselves one game away from their first world championship. They'll have to beat the Cardinals in St. Louis, but our model indicates that they won't have that much trouble doing so.

Projections Update: Rangers Regain Edge

Last night, Mike Napoli and Derek Holland helped the Rangers tie up the World Series and retake the lead in our projections. The Fall Classic will now run six games for only the second time in eight years, and the underdog Cardinals (2:1) will have a shot to win it all at home.

Projections Update: Cardinals Favored for First Time in 2011

Thanks to an historic performance by Albert Pujols, an errant call at first base, and generally mediocre pitching, the St. Louis Cardinals are favored to win the World Series for the first time this postseason--barely.

Projections Update: It's a Brand New Series

The Rangers and Cardinals head to Arlington tied at one game apiece, and it's a brand new series in more ways than one. In terms of their title chances, both Texas (2:5) and St. Louis (5:2) are right back where they started.

Projections Update: Cards Strike Blow to Rangers' Odds

A team that was once 10.5 games out of the playoffs is now three games away from a World Championship. The Cardinals struck the first blow in the 2011 Fall Classic, but the model still favors the Rangers at 56.8%.

World Series Projections: Texas over St. Louis in Five

Our projections have the Rangers as 2:5 favorites, with the most likely outcome being a Texas win in five games.

Projections Update: Texas Dominant After Second AL Triumph

The Rangers punched their ticket to the 2011 Fall Classic last night with a 15-5 win, dominating the Tigers in much the same way they've dominated our postseason projections. They're now 70.7% favorites to win the World Series.

Projections Update: Cardinals One Game Away

The Cardinals are one game away from the World Series. According to our projections, these are the NLCS elimination scenarios: Cardinals in 6 (43.6 %); Brewers in 7 (31.8%); Cardinals in 7 (24.6%)

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