Are the Dodgers targeting pitchers who rake?

In 2013, the Dodgers pitching staff led the majors in wRC+. It looks like the Dodgers have targeted pitchers who rake in free agency and via trade.

Strikeouts are popular in 2014

Two weeks into the 2014 season, it looks like strikeouts are still on the rise

The best non-Opening Day starters

Who were the pitchers with ace-worthy stuff the year previous that didn't get the Opening Day nod?

Prospect's delight: Which top 100 list is best?

Looking back since 1990, which prospect list best ranked the future top 100 players?

Attention agents: obtain overuse clauses for RPs

Relief pitchers coming off of heavy use seasons, especially consecutive ones, may have to settle for discounts or shorter-length contracts in free agency. There may be a remedy for that.

The runs-to-wins conversion, revisited

For years, some sabermetricians have been using a shorthand conversion of 10 runs into 1 win. It's probably time for a change.

Dylan Bundy and reputations

By all accounts, Dylan Bundy has a bright future; even a year-long hiatus couldn't diminish the optimism he's receiving. Have there been any other prospects with similarly glowing outlooks?

Is the infield shift ruining baseball?

Barry Bloom of posed this question at last month's SABR Conference: is the infield shift ruining baseball? I think you know where this is going...

Guys who should be bunting

Bunting catches a lot of flack from the sabermetric community, and rightly so. But are there players for whom bunting would be more beneficial to their team than swinging away on average?

Swinging vs. Called First Strikes

Inspired by a reader comment, we investigate whether hitters who swing and miss at the first pitch do better than those who take a called first strike.


What does the essence of average look like?

We often reflect on the best seasons in baseball history, but what about the most average?

Right field: Skill position?

MLB teams have not treated right field as a skill position akin to "up the middle" positions. But should they?

Baseball bumslayers

What's more vital to team success, winning at home or beating inferior opponents?

SABR: Who are baseball's most valuable pitchers?

A publication of a response to the SABR Diamond Dollars Case Competition prompt: who are the top three "pitching assets" in the game today?

Position by position, offense is trending together

Let's take this for granted: overall, teams have put an increased emphasis on defense in the last several years. But has that affected some positions offensively more than others?

How temperature affects hitting

There is a clear relationship between temperature and offense

A matter of leverage? Medlen/Strasburg revisited

We revisit the Medlen/Strasburg debate on the best method for starting pitchers returning from Tommy John surgery and look at whether leverage plays a role.

Succeeding with secondary pitches

The fastball is (and always has been) the predominant pitch; other pitches, however, are still important. How common is it for a pitcher to experience difficulty with his fastball while succeeding with another pitch? I set out to investigate.

Lucas Harrell's 2012 and standard deviations

Lucas Harrell's 2012 was rather good. Controlling for variables through standard deviations, how did he achieve that level of performance?

The best possible season

We talk a lot about what a player's ceiling could be, but rarely about what the best possible season might look like.

Rating managerial effectiveness

What are some ways to measure manager effectiveness? This post lists three.

Fun with park factors: A follow-up

A revised look at park factors, with the an assist from the BtBS community.

Do April slumps bring rest of the season flowers?

How much does a hitter's performance in April impact the rest of their season?

Pitching (and hitting) backwards in 2013

Which pitchers threw the most first-pitch breaking balls and offspeed pitches, and which hitters did they throw them to?

What counts as a pitch count?

You can't watch a baseball game without hearing the words "pitch count," but very little emphasis is placed upon pitches thrown across an entire career. Can we find anything meaningful in the data?

Defining effectively wild

As attempt to define the turn of phrase used to describe pitchers with fleeting command of the strike zone and see who fit the bill in 2013.

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