Player Profiles

What happened to R.A. Dickey?

Is it more than knuckleball problems plaguing R.A. Dickey?

A closer look at Scott Kazmir's triceps tightness

We look at the role of the triceps muscle in throwing through the lens of Scott Kazmir's last start.

Viewing Masahiro Tanaka Through Similarity Scores

With Masahiro Tanaka's much-heralded start, many try to find his best comparison as a pitcher. Who is Tanaka's most comparable according to Pitcher Similarity Scores?

Jose Bautista’s keen eye

While Jose Bautista might be known for his power, it's not the only place where he excels.

Alexei Ramirez might be getting better

We're only about a dozen games into the regular season, but Alexei Ramirez is doing a fine job controlling the strikezone.

The Cuban Crusher

It’s still early, but Jose Dariel Abreu has already begun to make a name for himself.

Justin Verlander's wOBA split: Cause for concern?

The season is still very young, but Justin Verlander shows a significant left-right wOBA split for the first time in his career.

The Zero K Club: Simmons and Navarro

Early into the 2014 season only two qualified batters have gone without a strikeout in a league where the K is more common than ever.

The ‘other’ Boston reliever

Although Junichi Tazawa isn't even the most well-known reliever in his team's bullpen, he's one of the best relievers in the game.

Buster Posey's difficulty hitting sliders

Buster Posey is known as an excellent offensive catcher. Is there something the opposition can do to attack him more effectively? Throwing more sliders might be a starting point.


Yovani Gallardo's career aided by constant tweaks

Yovani Gallardo has made significant changes to his approach multiple times in his seven year career, something that's somewhat strange for a pitcher who's been as successful as he's been. How has Gallardo tweaked his approach and what does it mean?

Is Jose Fernandez the best pitcher in baseball?

Just 21, Jose Fernandez is carving up major league lineups like a young Doc Gooden. Is the Marlins hurler the best pitcher in baseball?

Jonathan Lucroy, MLB’s most underrated catcher

It’s time we start appreciating just how good Milwaukee’s Jonathan Lucroy is.

Eovaldi throws hard. Are better results coming?

Nathan Eovaldi throws pretty hard, but where are the results?

Garrett Richards: Breakout candidate?

Angels pitcher Garrett Richards finally gets a chance to spread his wings, is 2014 the season he finally breaks out?

Gio Gonzalez and his curve

Gio Gonzalez proves how a pitch can evolve over time and still be effective.

Manny Machado is the next Mike Trout

Why Machado is the most likely of a deep pool of young superstars to strike it big with his club.

Bullpen workhorses

Using 70 innings pitched each of the last four years without any starts as our filter, who are the most turned-to bullpen arms?

Did Lester change his release point?

Anecdotal evidence seemed to suggest that Jon Lester changed his release point in 2013, but does the data back up that claim? What else might be at play in Lester's second half resurgence from last year?

Jeremy Guthrie is about to regress

The Royals are counting on Jeremy Guthrie to continue his career trend of beating his peripherals. What is driving that trend, and is it likely to continue?

Looking back on the Miguel Cabrera experiment

With Prince Fielder making his way to Texas, the Tigers can end the Miguel Cabrera at third base experiment, but in retrospect how did it go?

A matter of leverage? Medlen/Strasburg revisited

We revisit the Medlen/Strasburg debate on the best method for starting pitchers returning from Tommy John surgery and look at whether leverage plays a role.

Alfonso Soriano's ageless power

Although Alfonso Soriano is nearing 40, he is still as productive as ever.

Masterson vs. Porcello

The two pitchers have achieved similar results with different approaches. Using standard deviations, we can see how their performances align with historical precedent.

Livin' or Dayan?

Expectations for Dayan Viciedo to be a middle-of-the-lineup power bat were high when the White Sox signed him in 2008; thus far, he has failed to meet them. Could he do it in 2014?

Searching for starters: AL Central edition

Trying to find players that could provide value in the right situation

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