Player Profiles

Jake Arrieta's cutter the key to success


With drastically increased cutter usage, Jake Arrieta has realized his big potential with the Chicago Cubs.

Should Dustin Pedroia's bat be feared?


There was a time when a Dustin Pedroia at-bat was a scary proposition for opposing teams, but in 2014 that's no longer the case.

The Jose Abreu experience


Putting Jose Abreu's start in historical context

Brady Aiken's UCL: A question of stability


Brady Aiken's failure to sign with the Houston Astros apparently hinged upon the revelation that the ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow is smaller than average. What are the anatomical...

Danny Salazar is Back in the Big Leagues


Danny Salazar, pre-season darling, is back in big leagues after a brief stint in the minor leagues. What should we expect?

Jean Segura's predictable 2014 hitting struggles


Although 2013 was a breakout for the Brewers' shortstop, 2014 has been anything but. Could we have seen it coming?

Jake Odorizzi is pretty good


Jake Odorizzi, the lesser piece in the James Shields-Wil Myers trade, is coming into his own.

One more thing Mike Trout is the best at...


Yes, you know that Mike Trout is the best. Don't you want to know one more reason why?

Finally recognizing Daniel Murphy


The All-Star game is a good time to recognize unsung heroes. Let's give Daniel Murphy his due.

Clayton Kershaw's Scoreless Inning Streak


Putting Clayton Kershaw's scoreless innings streak in perspective among his peers.


Alfredo Simon isn't good, just lucky


Alfredo Simon has been a pleasant first-half surprise for the Cincinnati Reds. His performance is just that, though--surprising.

Albert Pujols and the cut fastball


Has the cutter been one of the bigger reasons for Pujols' struggle over the last four seasons?

Tyson Ross dares you to try and hit his slider


Tyson Ross has been the most difficult pitcher to hit in baseball.

Two shades of Edinson Volquez


By certain metrics, Edinson Volquez has been much better in 2014 than he was in 2013. And, by other metrics, he's essentially been the same player he was a year ago. Let's investigate.

Starlin Castro: Pulling himself back together


Starlin Castro was just named to his third All-Star team. What has he done to get back on track after a miserable 2013?

Casey McGehee and defining clutch


Casey McGehee, who spent the 2013 season refining his skills in Japan, is having a surprisingly productive season. What you may not know is that he is the most clutch player in baseball.

Using Inside Edge data to evaluate Miguel Cabrera


Miguel Cabrera isn't a great defensive third baseman, but he isn't terrible either. What can we learn about his defense from the Inside Edge data?

Todd Frazier and Smashing Expectations


In contrast to preseason expectations, Todd Frazier has been MLB’s best third baseman in 2014, and his output this season compares favorably to the production of some of baseball’s elite third...

Josh Beckett's hip impingement injury


Due to the large amount of axial and torsional force put upon the hip joint in the act of pitching, the femoroacetabular (hip) impingement injury sustained by Josh Beckett is not an uncommon one.

Hisashi Iwakuma's spectacular splitter


The Seattle righty has taken his game to the next level in 2014, behind modifications to his pitch selection motivated by shifted preferences. But can he improve further?

Trade deadline landing spots for Jonathan Papelbon


With the Phillies in the cellar and Jonathan Papelbon pitching lights out, teams in need of a reliable closer may be able to snag themselves a reasonably-priced option.

Steve Pearce is on fire


Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones are having fantastic season in the Orioles outfield. 31 year-old Steve Pearce is flying under the radar. The journeyman has made a big difference for the AL East leading...

Clayton Kershaw, very pleasant bully


By all accounts, Clayton Kershaw is a wonderful human being. For some reason, opposing hitters don't agree.

NL Final Vote: Rizzo or Rendon


Both Anthony Rendon and Anthony Rizzo were relegated to the National League's Final Vote for the All-Star Game this year. Now, I'm forced to pick one Anthony.

Dexter Fowler and intercostal muscle strains


A core muscle group fundamental to the mechanics of numerous baseball activities as well as breathing, intercostal muscle strains can be devastating to a player's performance.

Sabermetric Minute: Yan Gomes


Managing Editor Bryan Grosnick tries to make the case for Yan Gomes as the deserving starter at catcher for the AL in this year's All-Star Game. In video format, no less.

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