Team Previews & Analysis

Could the Orioles benefit from more grounders?

The Orioles' pitchers seem to like fly balls despite their disadvantages. Could a switch to a more grounder-centric strategy benefit the team?

Why the Orioles should tank 2014

Many are perplexed by Baltimore's offseason activities (or lack thereof). However, they might be on to something, and I'm here to explain why it's the right thing to do.

Five vital positional upgrades for 2014

A list of five vital upgrades that MLB teams made for 2014 after suffering from below-average production at that position in 2013.

Royals' stars need to trend in the right direction

The Kansas City Royals' star corner infielders have had up and down performance the past two seasons. They are oddly out of sync with one another, but if they can both trend in the same, positive direction the Royals could make a run at the playoffs.

What are the Yankees and Mariners doing?

The Yankees and Mariners have made some of the biggest splashes this offseason, but is it enough to make either of them contenders?

The Oakland Athletics and their drafting struggles

The Oakland Athletics have been one of baseball's best franchises since the turn of the century. But despite being a small market team that eschews big spending, their success hasn't been built on the amateur draft.

Hudson's place in Giants rotation

Earlier this offseason, the San Francisco Giants signed Tim Hudson to a two year, $23 million contract. Now, the question is where he belongs in the rotation.

The Padres are a team of extremes

The Padres' front office seems to focus on the extremes when looking at ground ball distribution. How is that affecting performance?

2014 Detroit Tigers: Lineup Efficiency

A projection of the most efficient starting lineup for the perennially offseason-active Detroit Tigers through analysis of the projected starting eight's offensive production capabilities adjusted according to potential slotting in the batting order.

Solving the Blue Jays' Black Hole at Second Base

With Alex Anthopolous as GM, the Toronto Blue Jays have always had little production at second base. Given the team's position on the cusp of playoff contention, upgrading the team's options at second base should be one of Anthopolous' top priorities

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