A closer look at Scott Kazmir's triceps tightness

We look at the role of the triceps muscle in throwing through the lens of Scott Kazmir's last start.

Viewing Masahiro Tanaka Through Similarity Scores

With Masahiro Tanaka's much-heralded start, many try to find his best comparison as a pitcher. Who is Tanaka's most comparable according to Pitcher Similarity Scores?

Justin Verlander's wOBA split: Cause for concern?

The season is still very young, but Justin Verlander shows a significant left-right wOBA split for the first time in his career.

Do the best-hitting catchers of 2013 frame well?

Offense-first catchers are a valuable rarity, but how many of them can also frame pitches? We're taking a look at the top five hitters behind the dish from 2013.

Bullpen workhorses

Using 70 innings pitched each of the last four years without any starts as our filter, who are the most turned-to bullpen arms?

Did Lester change his release point?

Anecdotal evidence seemed to suggest that Jon Lester changed his release point in 2013, but does the data back up that claim? What else might be at play in Lester's second half resurgence from last year?

Livin' or Dayan?

Expectations for Dayan Viciedo to be a middle-of-the-lineup power bat were high when the White Sox signed him in 2008; thus far, he has failed to meet them. Could he do it in 2014?

Cliff Lee, Hiroki Kuroda and Avoiding Walks

We often think of pitchers who have good control and limit walks as ones who throw tons of pitches inside the zone. But, as the contrast between Cliff Lee and Hiroki Kuroda shows, that isn't always the case.

Pitching (and hitting) backwards in 2013

Which pitchers threw the most first-pitch breaking balls and offspeed pitches, and which hitters did they throw them to?

The Great Cingrani

Starters generally need at least two, and often three, good pitches to succeed in the major leagues. But Reds left-hander Tony Cingrani baffled MLB hitters with largely one pitch—a four-seam fastball—during his rookie campaign. Can he keep it up?


Evaluating Plate Discipline Part Two: Pitchers

A follow up to last week's Disc Rating, with a focus on pitchers and plate-discipline statistics.

What caused Cliff Lee's renaissance in 2008?

Taking some old analysis from Mike Fast we can look at what made Cliff Lee's incredible improvement from 2007 to 2008 possible. Lee went from a nobody to the best pitcher in baseball, and we don't know a whole lot about how he was able to do it.

New Stat: Plate Discipline Rating

Introducing a new metric -- Disc Rating -- that puts all of the individual categories of plate discipline into one overall rating.

Toward umpire aging curves

Bryan Cole investigates whether umpires' ability to call balls and strikes gets worse with age.

Brain training could enhance plate discipline.

Recent research suggests that visual training games can improve the vision and on-field hitting performance of baseball players. What exactly was established in this research and are there players that could benefit from it?

Crushed: Worst pitches of 2013

Identifying the worst pitches of 2013 and who threw them

The best and worst home run pitches of 2013

We look at which pitcher and pitch type pairings are the most ripe for a homer and least likely to leave the yard.

The art of the fastball, right down the middle

So often, we focus our attention on the best pitches and the most impressive swings. How about a little love for the BP fastball?

Alex Cobb Has Next

He doesn't get many headlines or accolades, but is Alex Cobb on his way to Cy Young buzz in 2014?

First and worst 2013: Split-finger/cut fastballs

The last of the series of best and worst pitches of 2013 using z-scores, we look at a pair of hybrid heaters.

Koji Uehara's second-half dominance

From July through the end of October, Red Sox closer Koji Uehara dazzled the American League, compiling a 0.58 FIP and a 0.313 WHIP. What changes did Uehara make over the course of 2013 that explain his otherworldly success?

Detroit's other great pitcher and his best pitch

Anibal Sanchez was terrific last season, success that was partially built on his changeup usage. The pitch, something that Sanchez has seen improve over the past few years, gives him a tremendous tool with which to fool hitters.

How well do umpires call pitches?

PITCHf/x data can show how well umpires do at calling balls and strikes.

First and worst: Two-seamers/sinkers of 2013

More fun with z-scores, as the best and worst pitch of 2013 series rolls on. This week, we look at two-seam fastballs and sinkers.

Strikes outside the strike zone: skill or luck?

Are some pitchers better than others at getting strikes on pitches outside the strike zone?

Examining Ubaldo Jimenez's Unique Approach

Ubaldo Jimenez seems to customize his approach to each at-bat depending on the situation he's presented with, and even how the at-bat itself changes. PITCHf/x allows us to examine Jimenez's pitch usage in depth with an eye to the situations he's in.

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