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The Twins would be fools not to trade Kurt Suzuki


Trading an aging veteran who's trade value is through the roof to acquire maybe one or two more prospects in addition to making room for a young prospect is as simple as 1+1.

Angels bet the farm on Huston Street


The Angels have bet the farm on Huston Street, giving up three of their best prospects for the veteran closer. Was this a wise move?

Composite pitcher WARs for 2014


Bryan takes a quick look at how a pitcher's hitting, fielding, and baserunning can affect their overall value.

Madison Bumgarner welcomes you to the slam


Bumgarner's got a thing for hitting grand slams and making fellow pitchers look bad.

2014 Home Run Derby: Analyzing the hitters by HRD


How impressive have the home runs hit by 2014 home run derby participants been? Are there players that might be better choices, if you prefer huge bombs?

The White Sox's abysmal bullpen


How the Rick Hahn ran an experiment in constructing his bullpen and failed

Corey Dickerson: The 157 wRC+ All-Star that wasn't


In limited playing time, sometime pinch hitter and CarGo fill-in Corey Dickerson has posted a monster season so far, near the top of the leaderboard in WAR for NL left fielders.

What if LeBron James was a baseball player?


Okay, okay, so you've heard enough about LeBron James, and don't need to hear more about him on a baseball site. But this is sort of neat. What if LeBron was a baseball player? He would be Mike...

The Baltimore Orioles should trade for Tulowitzki


The Orioles and Rockies match up for what would be a swap of an established superstar for several top 100 prospects, including some of the best pitching prospects in baseball. Why should the...

Hisashi Iwakuma's spectacular splitter


The Seattle righty has taken his game to the next level in 2014, behind modifications to his pitch selection motivated by shifted preferences. But can he improve further?


McCarthy to Yankees, Nuno to Diamondbacks


Yankees deal for Brandon McCarthy, while the Diamondbacks are left with Vidal Nuno and a contract.

Cubs trade Samardzija to Athletics


The first big trade of the 2014 trade season went down while you were all eating hot dogs and watching explosions in the sky. The A's are banking on the now while the Cubs continue to build for the...

Oscar Taveras and embracing time shares


Having four starting players share three positions may be uncomfortable, but effective, in that extra days off for some of the players involved can come at particularly helpful times.

Trading Trout?


Under what crazy circumstances (obviously in a Bizarro World) would the Angels trade Mike Trout? Is there any return possible that would make it worthwhile?

'Tech's On Deck Meetup' at Citi Field


Last night's "Tech's On Deck Meetup" at Citi Field discussed some of the most interesting topics within the intersection of baseball and big data.

The Angels are here to stay


After back-to-back seasons of bad luck, injuries, and underperformance, the Angels are finally looking like a team that befits their talent and payroll.

An early look at some possible trade candidates


Let's take a look at some faces that could play for different teams by the end of 2014.

The best left-side defenses ever


Investigating an unusual assertion by an announcer, and finding a surprising amount of validity in it.

How many games would an all-defense team win?


Not all elite defenders are elite players, but a team with the most elite defender at every position would still win a lot of baseball games.

A win is a win, right?


Is WAR really the best way to evaluate wins for individual baseball players? Depends on what you're after.

The cost of a long first inning


Thinking out loud about the cost of a long first inning.

Brandon Belt is becoming a Giant


Brandon Belt is still young, but he's already developing into the type of player the Giants had always hoped he would.

An early look at the AL Rookie of the Year race


This year's AL Rookie of the Year race is already shaping up to be a close and exciting contest.

Jose Bautista’s keen eye


While Jose Bautista might be known for his power, it's not the only place where he excels.

The ‘other’ Boston reliever


Although Junichi Tazawa isn't even the most well-known reliever in his team's bullpen, he's one of the best relievers in the game.

Felix Hernandez, king of the quality start


Bryan Cole looks at what a stricter definition of the quality start tell us about a starter's performance, and thinks about whether a solo home run is better for the pitcher than a run scored...

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