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Jose Bautista’s keen eye

While Jose Bautista might be known for his power, it's not the only place where he excels.

The ‘other’ Boston reliever

Although Junichi Tazawa isn't even the most well-known reliever in his team's bullpen, he's one of the best relievers in the game.

Felix Hernandez, king of the quality start

Bryan Cole looks at what a stricter definition of the quality start tell us about a starter's performance, and thinks about whether a solo home run is better for the pitcher than a run scored another way.

Jonathan Lucroy, MLB’s most underrated catcher

It’s time we start appreciating just how good Milwaukee’s Jonathan Lucroy is.

The bases loaded bunt

When you think of the sacrifice bunt, you think about weak hitting middle infielders with runners on first and second with nobody out. Sometimes, things are a little less predictable.

Tracking instant replay results

Following how umpires have fared through the first week of instant replay.

Smoking aces? Tobacco use and UCL re-tears

There are myriad potential causes of a re-tear of the ulnar collateral ligament. Could tobacco use play a role in why some players suffer a re-tear sooner than others?

Manny Machado is the next Mike Trout

Why Machado is the most likely of a deep pool of young superstars to strike it big with his club.

SABR: Who are baseball's most valuable pitchers?

A publication of a response to the SABR Diamond Dollars Case Competition prompt: who are the top three "pitching assets" in the game today?

Our staff tries to predict baseball

Seventeen BtBS writers picked all six division races, all ten playoff teams, and the World Series champions.


A matter of leverage? Medlen/Strasburg revisited

We revisit the Medlen/Strasburg debate on the best method for starting pitchers returning from Tommy John surgery and look at whether leverage plays a role.

Alfonso Soriano's ageless power

Although Alfonso Soriano is nearing 40, he is still as productive as ever.

Searching for starters: AL Central edition

Trying to find players that could provide value in the right situation

Could the baseball landscape be shifting?

Discussing a possible shift in aging curves, one that is highly debatable, but also possesses massive potential to change the baseball landscape

Searching for Starters: NL Central Edition

Trying to find players that could provide value in the right situation.

David Eckstein and SCRAP

A term that describes David Eckstein's style of play has been turned into a statistic of its own.

Michael Wacha’s less popular twin

We know Michael Wacha has had a tremendous start to his career, but another pitcher who is his statistical "twin" seems to be living in Wacha's shadow.

The volatile Friars

The Padres have the talent to contend for a playoff spot. What could happen if they stay healthy?

Will CC Sabathia bounce back?

An ungodly 2013 left many baseball fans wondering if the CC Sabathia that we once knew was gone forever. Luckily, that may not be the case just yet.

Dayton Moore and the division of baseball theories

If the Royals think they've built a core poised for a breakout, why didn't they employ the same type of extension strategy as the Atlanta Braves this winter?

Yankees lock up Brett Gardner

The Yankees locked up Brett Gardner as their left fielder for the foreseeable future. Gardner is not the typical left fielder, as he provides value with speed and defense rather than power. Here is a look at this contract extension.

Does speed force errors or just bad cliches?

It's a well-known baseball saying that speed puts pressure on a defense. Is there any truth to this cliche or is it meritless?

How much does Spring Training predict success?

Although Spring Training doesn't seem like much more than practice, it may offer teams some insight into their future success.

Demystifying BABIP

Oft-cited in sabermetric circles, BABIP is a frequently misunderstood stat and far less dependent on factors like "luck" than many observers would have you believe.

Embracing a new platoon advantage

Managers are always trying to give their teams an edge and platooning is one of the easiest ways for them to impact the game. Could rethinking relief pitching increase the advantage?

Are pitchers getting better?

Over the last ten years, league ERA is down and strikeouts per nine innings are up. But, can we definitively say that pitchers are getting better?

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