Visuals Above Replacement

JAVIER: Prospect career analysis


Third in a three-part series on prospect analysis, which contains an interactive visualization to find what a hitter's statistics in the minor leagues tell us about his probability of success in...

JAVIER: Analyzing prospects by age and level


The second in a three-part series on prospect analysis. This contains an interactive visualization to find what a hitter's statistics in the minor leagues tell us about his probability of success...

How value in closers is found outside of WAR


Do closers present the most clear picture of wins added (or lost)?

Visualizing the AL MVP Race


Taking a graphical look at the American League MVP race.

Visualizing Home Run Pitch Locations


An interactive visualization looking at where home runs were pitched in the strike zone by pitch type, distance, speed, and damage.

A New Way to Measure Plate Discipline?


Trying to quantify how disciplined some hitters are.

2013 Hall of Fame Ballot Features 14 Worthy Stars


Use this visualization based on Wins Above Replacement and Wins Above Average to help you decide who to support in this year's Hall of Fame voting.


Beyond the Box Score United Cover Art

A delicious selection of cover illustrations we've been using to make our awesome content stand apart from the crowd.

Baltimore Orioles' post-season history is barren


Click the above chart to see something slightly bigger, if only more unimpressive. As a Kansas City Royals fan, it brings me little* joy to know there are other teams that have had little more...

The Infield Fly Rule In The Outfield Diagram


There are a certain few plays that will live within the halls of baseball lore, whispered about in shame, argued over for years to come. This is one of them.


The Best Lineups to be Perfect Gamed


Where does Felix Hernandez's perfect game rank in history? Forget game score—let's look at how good each lineup was when they fell victim to a perfect game.

Francona's Red Sox


Feeling nostalgic about the old Francona Red Sox? This infographic shows the Red Sox players who provided the most value during his glorious, glorious tenure as Red Sox manager.

A Graphic Look at the All Star Vote: How WAR Would Change Balloting


Sort of a follow-up to Lewie's post last week on stats correlating to All-Star voting, we continue on with our coverage here with my picks for the AL and NL All-Star teams. While I was gathering...

A Graphic Look at Trout vs Harper


Arguably the top two prospects up this year, and potential AL/NL rookie of the year candidates, both of these players have provided some extra excitement to their respective fanbases. Bryce...

A Graphic Look at Compensation Pick Wins


Sure, losing a key player due to FA, especially when you can't afford to re-sign said pick is rough. Trust me, as an A's fan, I had to deal with almost losing the entire outfield with David...

A Graphic Look at Adam Jones Production vs Actual Cost


I've been struggling with the title of this, but long story short, is Adam Jones contract, $85.5 over 6 years, a good value for the O's? Grant Brisbee last week in an post about Angel Pagan...

Wins Above Replacement: Distribution and Rarity of Talent 2011


73% of all players produce between -1 and +1 WAR. Still.

Who Gets the Scoop? Major League Reporters, Ranked. 2011-12 Edition


Another off-season, another set of scoops standings ranking baseball's best reporters based on their success reporting major league deals. In using MLB Trade Rumors' fantastic resources to figure...

A Graphic Look at Josh Reddick vs this Offseason's FA


The A's have been carried offensively in the early part of the season by contributions from various new acquisitions; first Yoenis Cespedes (before the DL stint), some sparks from Jonny Gomes, B...

Kerry Wood to Retire, Visually


...sometimes it helps to see why a player like Kerry Wood decides to hang 'em up, does it not?

Derek Lowe, Pitching to Contact?


...First, we know ERA is suspect because it fails to include (exclude) defense, and a closer look shows that he's benefiting from his defense this season while actually pitching much the same as...

A Graphic Look at Jake Peavy: Actual vs Projected (Surprise, He's Overachieving!)


It certainly has been surprising that Jake Peavy has seemed to have found his 2007-self, the one who pitched 223.1 and a career best 2.24 FIP (not to mention, this was his Cy Young-winning...

A Graphic Look at Pujols and His Bad Contact


Well covered early into the season is the struggles of the newly highest paid player in baseball, Albert Pujols. Although going into his age 32 season, we know there's some sort of decline...

A Graphic Look at the OTHER Rookie of the Months for April


Happy Friday! This has been a crazy week for baseball news. Harper's on a tear along with giving us tons of video to watch, there's Weaver no-no, Chipper's late inning walk-off HR, the injury...

A Graphic Look at Who's Hitting April


As a follow-up to last week's early season team starts, since it's now the first of May, we take a look at individual hot starts and how they compared to last year? The Nationals were voted by...

A Graphic Look at Early Season Surprise Starts


I've been hesitant to make any assumptions or do any infographics until possibly the all-star break due to sample size issues, but I figured I'd take a look at how some unlikely teams on hot...

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