An In-Depth Look At Deacon White, Pre-Integration Era Hall of Fame Candidate

The following is an in-depth look at the career and Hall of Fame candidacy of Deacon White, a 19th century catcher/third baseman who appears on this year's Pre-Integration Era Hall of Fame ballot.

Three Strikes'll Send You to the Dugout, or San Quentin

Why three strikes? and effect has this arbitrary baseball rule had on the criminal justice system?

The Brandon League signing: A Sabermetrically Approved Strategy

Why the League signing actually makes good sense in terms of sabermetric bullpen construction (ignoring the absurd amount of money involved).

Does Pitching In The California League Benefit A Starting Pitcher's Development?

In one respect, it might. Click the SBNation Minor League Ball link above to see preliminary data from a study that looks at how minor league starters' walk and strikeout rates change in going from Low A to High A to AA and how the leagues they pass through influence those changes.

The Time Has Come to Induct Dwight Evans into Cooperstown

While Barry Larkin and Ron Santo are being deservedly honored for their Hall of Fame careers today, here is a nice article about one of the best players the HOF writers overlooked. The author of the article, Patrick Languzzi, is spearheading the campaign to help get Dwight Evans his rightful place in Cooperstown. Languzzi created his own website, "Call to the Hall," devoted to Evans' HOF candidacy. There is a link to his website in the article and on his website he also has started a petition you can sign to help get "Dewey" on the 2013 Expansion Era HOF ballot. Additionally, here are the links for his website: and the petition:

The Hall of Nearly Great eBook - Available for Purchase!

I've been reading it (as an original Kickstarter backer) and now the rest of you mere mortals can, too. Basically, I write about baseball because of Sky Kalkman. He and Marc Normandin (both former managing editors for Beyond the Box Score) built an incredible roster of writers for this ebook project. Go take a look at the site. Go buy the book (you finally can today!). You won't regret it.

MVP, but no All-Star

Here's a list of players that won the MVP but were not All-Stars in the the same season: Jimmy Rollins 2007 Justin Morneau 2006 Chipper Jones 1999 Juan Gonzalez 1996 Terry Pendelton 1991 Robin Yount 1989 Kirk Gibson 1988 Dave Parker 1978 Don Newcombe 1956

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