Economics of Baseball

Valuing Brady Aiken as a free agent


There is a very significant chance that Brady Aiken could become a free agent. Just how much would he be worth in an open market?

The Cubs and Wall Street


How the Cubs front office have employed stock market strategies in their attempts to restock their organization with talent.

Robinson Cano and the Mariners after 70 games


If Cano doesn't hit for power, how does that alter the Mariners' new investment?

The theft of a 255-pound man


Jon Singleton signed a contract extension before making his major league debut, and it looks like the Astros may have gotten a steal.

The value added by positional flexibility


Starting-caliber players who can shift around the field may add value with their versatility. But how, and how much?

How many games would an all-defense team win?


Not all elite defenders are elite players, but a team with the most elite defender at every position would still win a lot of baseball games.

Are the Dodgers targeting pitchers who rake?


In 2013, the Dodgers pitching staff led the majors in wRC+. It looks like the Dodgers have targeted pitchers who rake in free agency and via trade.

Who else needs a contract extension?


The Padres locked up Jedd Gyorko to a contract extension. Extensions like his are becoming more frequent within baseball. Here is a look at some other players that should be considered for extensions.

Attention agents: obtain overuse clauses for RPs


Relief pitchers coming off of heavy use seasons, especially consecutive ones, may have to settle for discounts or shorter-length contracts in free agency. There may be a remedy for that.

The business of baseball: Chicago Cubs


Will the Cubs financial situation get in the way of their plans to renovate Wrigley Field and field a competitive club?


SABR: Who are baseball's most valuable pitchers?


A publication of a response to the SABR Diamond Dollars Case Competition prompt: who are the top three "pitching assets" in the game today?

Trout's extension arrives


Mike Trout, the closet thing we have to a perfect baseball player, has just signed an extension that is both massive and tiny.

Baseball in Australia has staying power


Still young, the Australian Baseball League is starting to catch on -- and it's not going anywhere.

The trade: an analysis


Are trades a dying breed, and were they ever as prevalent as commonly thought?

MLB Payrolls and the Cost of a Win


An in-depth analysis of how teams are spending their money and the returns they should expect going into 2014.

The real cost of a Mike Trout deal


Mike Trout is rumored to be about to sign a long-term deal. What is the real cost of such a deal, and what will he have to do live up to it?

Dayton Moore and the division of baseball theories


If the Royals think they've built a core poised for a breakout, why didn't they employ the same type of extension strategy as the Atlanta Braves this winter?

Which comes first, payroll or wins?


There is a correlation between higher payrolls and more wins, but which is the cause and which the effect?

The Fairness of the Qualifying Offer System


In the two offseasons since the qualifying offer system was put in place, a handful of players have been greatly impacted -- but that doesn't necessarily mean the consequences of QOs are unfair or...

Should you build your team with money or talent?


Do high payrolls really lead to winning more games? Do strong farm systems build consistent winners? Take a look at some multi-year trends in baseball and decide how you would build your ideal team!.

What's Next for the Australian Baseball League?


Major League Baseball has a controlling interest in the Australian Baseball League, but although it has several options, what MLB should do next with the ABL is not so clear.

Replacing the draft with an auction


Could changes to the current draft system make things a little more interesting?

The Likely Financial Benefits of Signing Tanaka


In signing Masahiro Tanaka, the New York Yankees are likely to benefit from increased revenue from Japan -- but not as much as they enjoyed by signing Hideki Matsui.

MLB Salary Trends


Clayton Kershaw will be paid $30+ million a year--is there a limit to baseball salaries?

Are elite GB% relievers undervalued?


Part of what makes a high-GB% reliever valuable is the increased likelihood of double plays. But how much value does that add?

A DH compromise


Rules harmony does not require one league to adopt the DH (or non-DH) rules of the other. Hybrid solutions are feasible -- and linking the DH to starting pitchers would keep many of the best...

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