BtBS Podcasts

The Shift Episode 3: A little too surly

A brand new episode of the Beyond the Box Score's official podcast, talking Hall of Fame and statistics to measure relievers.

The Shift Episode 2: Pitching for keeps

The latest edition of The Shift, the official podcast of Beyond the Box Score.

The Shift Episode 1: Wheeling and dealing

A new episode of Beyond the Box Score's podcast, The Shift, talking about trade rumors and fielding independent pitching.

The Shift Podcast Pilot: New is always better

Presenting the pilot episode of The Shift, Beyond the Box Score's new podcast.

BtBS Podcast #73: In Our Defense

The guys discuss the Garza deal, top defenses and more.

BtBS Podcast #72: Dead on Arrival

The guys discuss Garza scenarios before the trade went down, but there's a lot of other good stuff, too.

BtBS Podcast #71: Ring Rust

The guys announce the pay-off from their All Star bet and discuss second half storylines.

BtBS Podcast #70: High Stakes

The guys discuss the Mets, All Star Weekend, lay some bets and more!

BtBS Podcast #69: Canada and America, BFFs

The guys discuss the BtBS All Star Teams, Homer Bailey's no-no and much more!

BtBS Podcast #68: Skunked

The guys discuss R.A. Dickey and The Maddux, the Pirates' bullpen and more.


BtBS Podcast #67: Imbalanced

The guys discuss three teenagers performing well at A-ball, the Jays' hot streak, division imbalance and more.

BtBS Podcast #66 - Picking Aces

The guys discuss the best 2-man and 4-man pitching combos in the league and much more.

BtBS Podcast #65: Doubles & Doubleheaders

The guys discuss Zach Wheeler, Wil Myers, Manny Machado and early All Star choices.

BtBS Podcast #64: The Joy(ce)

The guys discuss a pair of surprisingly strong AL outfielders, some under-appreciated starters and more.

BtBS Podcast #63: Introducing Beergraphs

Eno Sarris makes a guest appearance to discuss the new Beergraphs site, beer analytics and the cross-over between beer and baseball.

BtBS Podcast #62: Elite Tools

The guys discuss Domonic Brown, firing managers, Yasiel Puig and more.

BtBS Podcast #61: Extras

The guys discuss valuable bench players, insane WAR seasons and Japanese hot dogs.

BtBS Podcast #60: Building A Wall

A special guest co-host helps Blake break down three of the best hitters in baseball.

BtBS Podcast #59: Gausface Killahs

The fellas discuss Kevin Gausman's debut, Mike Trout's cycle and more.

The BtBS Podcast wants you!

This week's mailbag episode needs, well, mail. Send us some, won't you?

BtBS Podcast #58: They Suck

The guys discuss the terrible Angels, the surprising Indians and more.

BtBS Podcast #57: Are You Flexible?

The guys discuss the value of positional flexibility and more.

BtBS Podcast 56: Watch Your Step

The guys discuss the difference between "luck," "variance," and "regression, and much more.

BtBS Podcast #55: Pitching Backwards

The fellas discuss Harper/Strasburg values, first-strike freaks and much more.

BtBS Podcast #54: Hair Game

The guys discuss the Blue Jays, Bryce Harper, Nolan Arenado and much more.

BtBS Podcast #53 - Decaffeinated

Talking Rosenthal, pitcher similarity, the declining value put on defense and more.

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