Dominating Differently

While the Red Sox and Cardinals have reached the World Series on the backs of two dominant bullpens, the teams' relievers attack opposing hitters and generate outs very differently from one another.

John Lackey: Back from the dead

Not too long ago, John Lackey was nothing more than a punchline in the Boston sports world. Tomorrow night, he'll take the mound in Fenway Park to begin Game 2 of the Fall Classic. How did that happen?

Uehara, Benoit, & relievers throwing splitters

With numerous high-leverage relievers throwing splitters in the 2013 playoffs, let's put the pitch under a spotlight. What are the pros and cons?

Clayton Kershaw’s dominant slider-curve combo

Most pitchers only carry one quality breaking ball in their arsenal. But Clayton Kershaw has dominated major league hitters for years now with a unique bag of tricks: two devastating breaking pitches.

One pitch wonders: a comparison

The bullpen can be a place where starters who have failed to master two or more pitches go to ply their trade. While rare, some have found success relying upon a single offering.

Wacha Tipping Pitches?

Wacha has been stellar for the Cardinals, but could hitters find a weakness?

The Art of (Not) Walking Batters: Lee vs. Locke

A look at the best and worst pitcher in MLB when it comes to BB/9, this article teases out the differences between Cliff Lee and Jeff Locke to figure out why Lee is so good at limiting walks while Locke, well, is not.

Comparing Strasburg and Zimmermann (part 2)

After looking at the similarities and differences between Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann and their trek back from Tommy John surgery related to pitch velocities and movement, we now discuss attributes related to pitch usage and touch.

The Best Pitches of the MLB Postseason So Far

The MLB Playoffs always showcase an incredible variety of pitching talent, but what have been the best individual pitches so far in the postseason? I sought an answer, picking the five best offerings we have witnessed in the 2013 playoffs.

The better curveball, Wainwright or Kershaw?

Fastball velocity grabs headlines, but devastating breaking balls punctuate the highlights reels. Two of the National League's best starting pitchers feature two of the game's best hooks. The only question is, which one is better?

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