Positional Reviews

Are the Dodgers targeting pitchers who rake?

In 2013, the Dodgers pitching staff led the majors in wRC+. It looks like the Dodgers have targeted pitchers who rake in free agency and via trade.

Do the best-hitting catchers of 2013 frame well?

Offense-first catchers are a valuable rarity, but how many of them can also frame pitches? We're taking a look at the top five hitters behind the dish from 2013.

Right field: Skill position?

MLB teams have not treated right field as a skill position akin to "up the middle" positions. But should they?

SABR: Who are baseball's most valuable pitchers?

A publication of a response to the SABR Diamond Dollars Case Competition prompt: who are the top three "pitching assets" in the game today?

A slow year at the hot corner

There are many quality third baseman in the majors at the moment, but as a group they have lead feet on the bases.

How difficult was that play?

While we await for MLB Advanced Media to provide us with the best quantitative data we have ever seen on fielding, we will rely on what scouts see to decide who makes the most difficult plays.

The best and worst defenders face off

What would it look like if we pitted the league's worst glove men against the best defenders baseball has to offer?

How value in closers is found outside of WAR

Do closers present the most clear picture of wins added (or lost)?

New-Era Outfield Arms

With many of the past decade's premier outfield arms gone from the game today — we examine the league's A-1 outfield arms here to stay.

Gold Gloves evaluated: Catchers

An evaluation of the 2013 Rawlings Gold Glove award-winning catchers — has the improved selection process gotten it right?


Is this a golden age of catching?

When it comes to greatness in baseball today guys like Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw grab the headlines, but there's some mighty fine catching talent out there that deserves some recognition.

The Best Fourth Outfielders in Baseball

To be a good fourth outfielder, a player may need to be adequate offensively and to have the ability to play multiple positions. But the best fourth outfielders also have at least one of a few varieties of "special sauce" that makes them more useful.

Are elite GB% relievers undervalued?

Part of what makes a high-GB% reliever valuable is the increased likelihood of double plays. But how much value does that add?

2013's 'Winter Soldier'

We're looking at another fun stat that helps us determine which pitchers were most above-average at recording strikeouts and inducing grounders.

A DH compromise

Rules harmony does not require one league to adopt the DH (or non-DH) rules of the other. Hybrid solutions are feasible -- and linking the DH to starting pitchers would keep many of the best aspects of both kinds of baseball.

Tim Lincecum and Learning to Help Yourself

National League pitchers are essentially position players due to the fact they affect they outcomes of games at the plate, on the bases and in the field. Which pitchers are an asset with these skills and which ones are falling flat?

The ERA-FIP gap: Preventing stolen bases

There are a lot of things that can account for the difference between a pitcher's ERA and his FIP. One that flies under the radar is a pitcher's ability to prevent the stolen base.

The changing state of third base defense

With strikeouts rising throughout baseball, is a good defensive third baseman still important?

Moving great setup men to the role of "opener"

Relievers thrive in dedicated roles, do they? Pitchers suffer after they've been through the lineup a couple times, eh? And platoons are thriving? Fine. Let's get weird.

Shutdowns and meltdowns in 2013

Everyone hates saves, right? But everyone loves excellent relievers. So let's talk about the relievers who changed their team's chance of winning the most in 2013 using shutdowns and meltdowns.

Surveying the market: Starting pitchers

There may not be many elite starters available this winter, but add in the pitchers who could be dangled out on the trade market and a certain Japanese star, and the starting pitching market does have some intrigue.

Surveying the market: Second Base

While we know that there is one standout second baseman available this offseason, the rest of the free agent and trade market offers plenty of excitement as well. Which players will be the best bargains, which will be the busts, and where are they al

Surveying the market: Catchers

Finding quality catching is a struggle for any organization, but several teams will attempt to do just that this offseason. Should they spend the big bucks on the high priced top talents, or are there better bargains to be found in this year's market

The best no. 3 starters in history

Teams are often known for their 1-2 punch at the top of a rotation, but the third arm is often vital to the team's success. Here's a tribute to the best number three starters in baseball history including Holtzman, Clemens, and maybe ... Verlander?

A swing away from glory

Since 2002, there have been seven official perfect games. In the same time frame, there have been 21 complete game one-hitters with no walks. We take a closer look at the differences between the two.

Defining the 'ace' label

How do we define an "ace" beyond just the eye test? Here's one possible methodology.

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