Lineouts! 08/02/13: Chris Johnson, Hoes and a lot of A-Rod

Otto Greule Jr

Welcome back to Lineouts!

Good morning everyone. Welcome back to Lineouts! Today I have a lot of interesting news and links to share with you all. The Braves might have their third basemen for the future in Chris Johnson, teams have potential waiver prospects to sell, and more Pedroia contract analysis! Oh, and I can't forget the Alex Rodriguez suspension talk, yay.

MLB Hot Topics

Source: A-Rod reps talk settlement by T.J. Quinn -- ESPN

The Alex Rodriguez suspension talk continues. I feel as if I'm on a roller coaster ride following this story. One report says Rodriguez will be banned from baseball altogether after the MLB learned Rodriguez would appeal his suspension. Then hours later it's reported that Rodriguez will negotiate a suspension. I guess the MLB has some clear evidence on Rodriguez at this point.

Rays place Matt Moore on 15-day DL with elbow soreness by Mike Axisa -- CBS Sports

There are a few injuries that could play key roles in playoff seeding this year. After finding out Yadier Molina would be out for a while for the Cardinals, a team also fighting for a division crown in Tampa learned terrible news of their own. Matt Moore will be missed by the Rays, but it doesn't seem like the team is too concerned about the minor injury.

The Sabermetrics Community

Chris Johnson and Great Players by Jeff Sullivan -- FanGraphs

Johnson used to be tossed aside when Braves fans wondered who would be their third baseman of the future, but now he's getting more recognition by the day. Jeff Sullivan looks deeper into the NL's batting leader's game using BABIP. Sullivan compares baseball's greats to Johnson's BABIP and ultimately comes to find out that Johnson is playing somewhere in the middle of his BABIP.

Trade deadline spotlight: wavier period prospects by Jay Jaffe -- Sports Illustrated's The Strike Zone

Jaffe looked at the potential players who might be traded through the wavier system in his column yesterday. It seems like a lot of names who were mentioned at the July 31st deadline were mentioned on his list, and rightfully so. Some names that highlight his include Cliff Lee, Justin Morneau, Jonathan Papelbon, Josh Willingham, Alexei Ramirez, etc. Lee was placed on waivers last year and was claimed by the Dodgers before something fell through. It could be a more intriguing waiver period than trade deadline in 2013.

Pedroia's Payment by Alex Connors -- The Hardball Times

Connors takes a look at Pedroia's value over the years and explains how much of a bargain the Red Sox received with this extension. A player of Pedroia's caliber should be receiving a deal worth about $150 million over eight years. Yet, he and the Red Sox agreed to something much less than that. This is a very nice write up from Alex Connors.

New at SBNation MLB

Alex Rodriguez: Lifetime ban or not, he's already dead by Steven Goldman -- SB Nation

Steven Goldman looks at past lifetime bans for major league players, and explains why ban or no ban, A-Rod's done.

MLB Trade Deadline: Baseball's a funny game by Rob Neyer -- Baseball Nation

The Royals have a troubled past when it comes to managing their ball club. Rob Neyer takes a look at a few unlucky winning streaks, past and present that could setback the franchise yet again.

Astros Sabermetrics: L.J. Hoes by clack -- The Crawfish Boxes

The Crawfish Boxes look at newly acquired L.J. Hoes, a player from the Bud Norris trade. Clack gives a sabermetric view on Hoes. In time, my opinion may differ, but after reading this piece I have to say that the Astros made a nice trade.

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All statistics courtesy of FanGraphs.

Joe Ferraiola is a contributor at Beyond The Box Score.

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