Lineouts! 7/31/13: Trades, Biogenesis and beards

He's back! - Stephen Dunn

Welcome to Lineouts!, a new daily links and news feature brought to you by Beyond the Box Score!

Hello sabermetric readers! Today I have some interesting news and links to share with you all. A man with a special beard is back, Cliff Lee and other stars' names surface on the day before the trade deadline, and the Pirates are faced with a dilemma.

MLB Hot Topics

Michael Young will only approve a trade to Rangers by Craig Calcaterra -- Hardball Talk

With the recent trade rumors swirling around Michael Young going to Boston, New York, or even back to Texas, it seems that the only deal he will approve is to go to the Rangers. So that ends the bidding war over a negative-WAR player.

If Yankees' Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal imminent suspension, Bud Selig prepared to use power of commissioner’s office to ban him by New York Daily News

More Biogenesis! This is probably the highlight of the whole scandal. First we have Braun, but now we have Bud Selig threatening to ban A-Rod from baseball altogether. Basically, Rodriguez better accept any suspension handed down by the MLB, or Bud Selig could use a rarely-exercised power.

The Sabermetrics Community

Dodgers Risk Little In Signing Brian Wilson by Paul Swydan -- FanGraphs

A major headline in the world of baseball yesterday was that former Giants closer Brian Wilson has finally found work. The intriguing part about this is that he signed with his former team's rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers. With many relievers being dealt around the league, Paul Swydan reveals that this was a low-risk, high-reward deal for Los Angeles.

Trades for Lee, Pence and Rios that should happen, but probably won’t by Jay Jaffe -- Sports Illustrated's The Strike Zone

Jay Jaffe gives insightful analysis as to why Cliff Lee, Hunter Pence, and Alex Rios should be traded to teams in post-season contention. Yet, reasons such as quality of prospects, no-trade clauses, and asking prices that are just too high would be the demise of these deals.

What are the Pirates to do? by Jeff Moore -- The Hardball Times

It's been 20 straight years of losing seasons for the Pirates and their fans. The team's dilemma is this: should they risk the future of their team for a shot at winning in the present? The Pirates are in need of a serviceable bat to play right field. With names like Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco, Alen Hanson, and Luis Heredia in their system, the Pirates could trade for guys like Alex Rios, Carlos Quentin, and Hunter Pence.

New at SBNation MLB

MLB Biogenesis scandal: 'Majority' of players indicted will accept suspensions, per report by Bryan Kilpatrick -- SB Nation

So it seems as if this Biogenesis situation is finally going to get cleared up. Notable players like Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta, Everth Cabrera, and Francisco Cervelli have agreed to their suspensions which will be handed down in the next 72 hours.

MLB Trade Deadline: If the Nationals want to sell, What do they have? by Grant Brisbee -- Baseball Nation

Grant Brisbee breaks down what the Nationals would potentially trade if they were sellers at the deadline. Let's make note that they don't have very much to give up. With the Nationals being under .500 and currently 10 games back of the Braves, they might look to trade what little expendable value they have to reload for 2014. However, with them having little to offer they'll probably be content with their influx of young talent.

The Worst Records by a Playoff Team at the End of July by RoyalsRetro -- Royals Review

The Royals -- once sitting at 45-51 -- are now surging with a 51-51 record and have changed from sellers to buyers at the deadline. This made Royals Review take a deep look at the past teams who made the playoffs despite having terrible odds at doing so. This list will have us all saying, "Hey, it could happen."

. . .

All statistics courtesy of FanGraphs.

Joe Ferraiola is a contributor at Beyond The Box Score.

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