Platoon Matt Kemp?

If Matt Kemp's stint on the disabled list doesn't solve his health issues, then the Dodgers have options having three capable outfielders (and four bodies that can actually play outfield).

Andre Ethier, as we all know, is terrible against left-handed pitching, but quite good against right-handers. Even though his wOBA against RH pitching this season is .349, below his career average of .386, it is still solid.

Matt Kemp...well, has been miserable this season. Terrible against right-handed pitching, and not all that good against lefties. A .322 wOBA against lefties to be exact, leading many to believe that he is not fully healthy yet. I mean when arguably the best player in baseball gets hurt, then can't do anything right at the plate when he returns, something has to got to be up, right?

Now, against lefties, Kemp's sample is fairly small this season. Only 68 at-bats. But Kemp, being the superstar that he is has always killed left-handed pitching. His career wOBA against lefties is .410.

But we must focus more on those 68 at-bats, given the circumstances of his health. So the .322 has more pull, currently, than the .410 wOBA. But that is still well above Ethier's ability to hit left-handed pitching.

One problem the Dodgers have, even with a healthy Kemp -- and especially with an unhealthy Kemp -- is that they don't have a good center fielder on the roster. In Kemp's absence, possibly relatively short since it is retroactive, Ethier will be taking over CF duties, Puig will be in right still and Crawford in left.

But let's say that Kemp comes back right after the 15 days are up. A possible solution -- and far from an easy one -- is to platoon the superstar Kemp with Ethier in center field. Now obviously this depends on whether or not fifteen days actually help Kemp. But if they don't, then you could platoon the two, which would give Kemp days off to rest, and would keep Ethier off the field against anything with a left arm.

Matt Kemp is a superstar. So he probably carries an ego with him, along with immense talent and that huge contract extension he received. A platoon might not make him the happiest player in baseball. So they could just shut him down for the year if he doesn't improve, rather than risk upsetting a player with his status

But if the platoon did occur, the offense would be better. The defense probably a little worse. But if Kemp doesn't get healthy, or if they don't simply want to shut him down for the season, this could be a solution. Not a great solution, but one nonetheless.

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