Sabersphere 3/20: Martin, Rodney and MLB Pensions


Russell Martin's bringing some unique talents to behind the plate in Pittsburgh. The Indians are trying to sign Jason Kipnis and Michael Brantley to extensions before they reach arbitration. Also, can Mike Trout join a very exclusive club in 2013?

The MLB owners are thinking about cutting the pensions to those who aren't playing baseball. Opening Day is already less than two short weeks away. Here at Beyond the Box Score, we've been presenting team previews, our most recent being for the Mets and the Padres. Now's the time to try and get in those over/under bets!

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  • MLB owners want to abolish pensions of personnel by Adam Rubin I ESPN New York
    Major League Baseball owners want to cut the pension plans of employees who aren't playing on the field. With the influx of TV and sales revenue in recent years, why are the owners suggesting this? Hopefully this will not be passed when it goes up for a vote in early May.

  • Mike Trout: Runs > Games by Dave Fleming | Bill James Online
    Comparing Trout with other players that have scored more runs than games played, Dave Fleming predicts that he'll either join the exclusive club or score more than 152 runs in 2013. As a South Jersey native, whose high school played Trout's, I hope this happens next year.

  • MLB Over/Under Report by Jonah Keri I Grantland
    One of my most anticipated features of the year, Jonah Keri went to Vegas to rob casinos blind with some over/under bets. After reading this, is there anyone in the area available to place a couple wagers for me?

  • Minor League Parks Drive Performance by Matt Eddy I Baseball America
    Matt Eddy examines the multiple leagues and parks of the minor leagues. Some players are often expected to regress a little after playing in the offense-exploding Pacific Coast League. I was surprised to see so much of a statistical deviation through each level.

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Outside the Sabersphere

  • Rembert's Top 25 Musical Performances of SXSW by Rembert Browne I Grantland
    Prince is somehow 54 years old. And played 5 encores at SXSW this past weekend. Oh yeah, and A Tribe Called Quest got back together to play an hour-long set. Not only that, but they actually seemed to enjoy themselves, only a week after Ali shot down any hopes of a reunion or tour. They're apparently opening for Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z at the Wireless Festival in July over in Europe. Here's to hoping the bad blood that was exposed in their Beats, Rhymes & Life documentary is behind them and some USA shows are coming.


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