Sabersphere 2/26: Overrated Players, Pitching Records, Top 101 Prospects

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A compilation of Monday's best saber-minded links.

Morning, friends. I hope you all had just a fantastic beginning of the week. I bought a car, which is cool, and I also participated in the first round of the official Beyond the Box Score Ottoneu auction draft, which is even cooler. As baseball season and fantasy baseball season both start to kick into gear, let's take a look at some of the more interesting links from the saber community yesterday.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

There's obviously often a pretty significant disconnect between a player's true worth and fans' perception of his worth. However, this difference is tough to quantify. James Gentile attempts to quantify this difference and determine which players are the most overrated by fans:The Most Overrated Players of All-time | Beyond the Box Score

I love using the classic batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage triple slash line, but I'm also fully aware of the many problems with using it to evaluate players. Last week, Spencer Schneier offered an alternative to batting average in H/PA; yesterday, he did the same for slugging percentage, this time using wOBA weights and hits in the denominator:Reforming the triple-slash line (part 2): Slugging Percentage | Beyond the Box Score

Around the Sabersphere

Greg Simons looks into some pitching records, and asks whether said records could possibly be broken in the near to not-so-near future: More unbreakable pitching records | The Hardball Times

Though the decision regarding Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson's placement in the Yankee outfield is no longer a decision, the question of whether outfield alignment matters in general is still unanswered. Well, until now, thanks to Dave Cameron: Does Outfield Alignment Actually Matter? | FanGraphs Baseball

Everyone loves prospect lists. Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus releases his list of the top 101 prospects in baseball. Jurickson Profar tops the list, followed by Oscar Taveras and Gerrit Cole: Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Top 101 Prospects | Baseball Prospectus

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Outside the Sabersphere

This is almost within the Sabersphere, but recently added a ton of classic MLB footage. Grant Brisbee gave us some of his favorites. Personally, I think the Glenallen Hill moon shot is the best one. That was just a ridiculous shot: The 10 best videos MLB put up in 2013 when you weren't looking | Baseball Nation


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