Thursday's Saber-Links

ATLANTA - APRIL 07: Martin Prado #14 of the Atlanta Braves attempts to turn a double play over Marlon Byrd #24 of the Chicago Cubs at Turner Field on April 7, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Here's Thursday's edition of Saber-Links:

Grant Brisbee writes here at SBNation about the possibility of the Marlins doing exactly what the Marlins do. Sell everyone: The Marlins And Threats Of Selling At The Deadline - Baseball Nation

The Marlins should have been better, but they're falling out of the playoff races. Hey, it was a good try. A normal team would sell off a few pieces, get some younger players, and start something new. The Marlins aren't a normal team. They can get away with trading Omar Infante. A complete fire sale, though, would undo all of the goodwill they've been trying to build up.

The trade deadline and playoff races are beginning to get hot, John Perrotto of BP writes about what teams need to make a deal the most at the deadline: Baseball Prospectus | On the Beat: The Deadline Feeding Frenzy

However, of the 22 teams that can be called legitimate contenders, four stand out as needing to make deals for reasons that go beyond the diamond. A fifth that is seven games off the playoff pace in the AL should also be considering an upgrade. It would behoove these teams to help their standing with the fans, from a public relations standpoint. Let's take a look at the five and what players would make the most sense to acquire.

Dan Lependorf of THT writes about how exciting the AL Wild Card race could be under the new system: Something thrilling is brewing in the American League Wild Card race

At the All-Star break, the Los Angeles Angels (48-38) and the Baltimore Orioles (45-40) were on pace to win the two American League Wild Card spots, though just by a hair. The Tampa Bay Rays (45-41) were only a half of a game behind the Orioles. And a half game behind the Rays? The Cleveland Indians (44-41). Hot on the Indians’ heels were the Detroit Tigers (44-42). And just to make this heavily knotted situation even tighter, the Oakland Athletics, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Boston Red Sox (43-43) were all tied at one full game behind the Tigers.

Mike Axisa of FG writes about a possible contract extension for Martin Prado with the Braves: Martin Prado, The Braves And The Future | FanGraphs Baseball

A contract along those lines — four years, $41 million with a possible option — would be a pretty sweet deal for the Braves. They’d be paying their third baseman like a two-win player — a level Prado has far exceeded in three of the past four years. Even if Prado settles in as an average or slightly-below-average defensive third baseman, he’ll still provide that much value with the bat.

Saber-Links will be back tomorrow, enjoy tonight's slate of baseball.

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