Around the SaberSphere 12/7: Ben Revere, the Angels Rotation, Michael Bourn

Thearon W. Henderson

Friday's edition of sabermetric links include Ben Revere to the Phillies, the strength of the Angels "new" rotation, the market for Michael Bourn and more...

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs thinks the Phillies overpaid for center fielder Ben Revere: Phillies Pay Premium For Ben Revere | FanGraphs Baseball

And, if Revere is a +5 defender in center field, even with his elite baserunning value, then he’s more of a +2.0 to +2.5 win player than the +3.5 win guy he graded out as last year. An average starter, essentially. With five years of team control, including two more at the league minimum, an average player is a valuable asset. But, to acquire that average player, the Phillies parted with a Major League average starting pitcher — and that may be underselling Vance Worley — and their best prospect, Trevor May.

Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation questions the strength of the Angels new-fangled rotation: So, about the Angels' "strong" rotation ... - Baseball Nation

That depends on how you define "strong", I guess. Jered Weaver's so good, and C.J. Wilson potentially so good, that the Angels should have, at the least, a decent rotation and perhaps even a good one. But as currently composed, the Angels' rotation isn't really a strength. It's sort of ... there: interesting because of Weaver, but nothing that the A's and the Rangers and the Mariners will fear (the Astros, maybe).

Dave Schoenfield of ESPN SweetSpot looks at how recent moves may be affecting the market for Michael Bourn: Where does Revere trade leave Bourn? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

The Philadelphia Phillies filled their hole in center field by acquiring Ben Revere from the Minnesota Twins for right-hander Vance Worley and pitching prospect Trevor May -- Keith Law breaks down the deal here -- which leaves Michael Bourn still spinning on the center-field merry-go-round. With Bourn's asking price reportedly higher than the $75 million B.J. Upton received from the Braves, where does this leave him? If there's a declining market for his services, does he end up signing for less than Upton money?

Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus looks at some crazy trade rumors of the past that never came to be: Baseball Prospectus | Pebble Hunting: Hottest Rumors From Baseball's Winter Meetings in Nashville!

The Diamondbacks and Rangers may pull off a trade involving one of the best pitching prospects and one of the best hitting prospects in baseball! But don't get your hopes up; these trades are super sexy to talk about but very hard to pull off, as each team is understandably gunshy about trading The Next Big Thing for a potential bust. That's why the Rangers have refused to part with Eric Hurley to get Carlos Gonzalez. A guy like Gonzalez is just too risky.

Oh and don't forget #DontSignLohse

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