Around the SaberSphere 11/2: Rick Ankiel, Free Agent Value, the Mets Front Office

Stephen Dunn

Friday's dose of sabermetric links includes the idea of Rick Ankiel converting back into a pitcher, looking for the best free agent values, what the Mets Front Office should do and more...

Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation explains why he wants Rick Ankiel to try his hand at pitching one more time: Please, please let the Rick Ankiel rumor be true - Baseball Nation

Except this would trump it. Rick Ankiel pitching again would be the most remarkable comeback in recent baseball history. It would be a remarkable comeback to bookend what was already a remarkable comeback. We forget about that part because it wasn't as remarkable as it might have been. Before Ankiel got popped for performance-enhancing drugs, he looked like he could be a future All-Star. But he still became a good bench player. The odds were stacked against even that.

Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs releases this year's free agent projections from the contract crowdsourcing series: Contract Crowdsourcing 2012-13: Results | FanGraphs Baseball

After each player’s respective name and position are rounded values for years and total projected contract value — represented as Yrs and Tot $, respectively. After that, are four related numbers: the decimal versions both of years and average-annual value (written as Yrs and AAV) and the standard deviations of both data sets, too (listed as Ystd and Astd, respectively).

Dave Cameron used those results to make a list of the top-25 free agent values on the market: The 25 Best – and Five Worst – Free Agent Values | FanGraphs Baseball

Here at FanGraphs, we’re not giving you a slideshow. We’re not giving you a Top 50 Free Agent list either, because, to be honest, my list would have looked an awful lot like Tim’s, and probably an awful lot like Keith’s. I just didn’t see a lot of usefulness in telling you that I agree that Zack Greinke and Josh Hamilton are the two best free agents on the market, nor was I super interested in trying to draw a distinction between Carlos Lee and Carlos Pena. They’re both not good anymore. Does anyone really want to read about those guys today? Me either.

Will Woods of Baseball Prospectus discusses the Mets fanbase, David Wright, R.A. Dickey and more: Baseball Prospectus | Head Games: David Wright, R.A. Dickey, and What Smart Fans Really Want

Obviously, it’s the front office’s job not to be overly conscious of these sentimental reasons for making personnel moves. It’s their job to either pay those stars and try to back into a wild-card berth, or blow the whole thing up and shoot for the moon with prospects. They should know that tightening their belt with Reyes only to turn around and pay Wright and/or Dickey doesn’t lead anywhere

Also, the writers at Royals Review give us their varying opinions on the Ervin Santana trade: Santana Roundtable - Royals Review

It is an indictment of Dayton Moore that the Angels' number five starter, at best, immediately becomes the Royals' number one starter.

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