Introduction to Saber-Scouting

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Can we scout without resorting to scout-isms? Where do standard scouting reports fit into our sabermetric worldview? Let's see what we can do.

A lot of the stuff I'll be doing here for BtB is going to include scouting, the draft, and player development. I'm going to provide scouting information coupled with a sabermetric spin that will give readers a complete set of information about a prospect or player.

Here are some specific features I'll be introducing:

1.) The Prospect Profile

This will hopefully become a staple. For me, the biggest problem with online prospect coverage is that it is either too scouting heavy, or too statistically heavy. I will look to bridge the gap between those two and bring them to you guys in a way that paints a full picture, but put into the form of a scouting report. I will show a template below of the "sabermetric scouting report." If anyone has an interest in a certain prospect, tweet me @BaseballSpencer or just drop a comment. I promise to get to every player that is requested if possible.

2.) Scouting Metrics

While I may not be Clay Davenport, I'm working on a series of metrics to create a "statistical OFP (Overall Future Potential)," that will be able to be compared to the scouting OFP. I will work on developing a set of pitch data for top pitching prospects, charting pitches and giving you the full set of information. My goal is for you to have almost as much MiLB data as you do MLB data. This will include pitch-by-pitch break-downs of at-bats for top hitting prospects, pitch sequencing for top pitching prospects, and analysis of that on top of a traditional report.

3.) Scoutisms Challenged

I'm going to do a series challenging scout-isms. These include things like if pitchers "filling out" really can add that much velocity, if bigger hitters will bat for more power, and how to apply these to minor league and amateur players. For instance: say I'm watching Carlos Rodon pitch for NC State this spring, and I say he can probably add 10-15 more pounds, how much velocity would that truly add?

The first prospect profile will be up on the site sometime soon, and it should look something like this:

Physical Bio

Scouting Report (Scout OFP)

Statistical Report (Stat OFP)

Game Data that we have (whether it be pitch f/x, pitch charting, etc.)

Overall Summary

I currently am compiling reports on Brandon Nimmo and Bubba Starling. If you have any requests, please just drop a comment. I am very excited to get underway with presenting prospect coverage with a spin that is not on any other website.

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