Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 23

Enjoy all the day-time Labor Day baseball!

Just as a reminder: some of the things that go into these rankings include runs scored and allowed, run distributions, wOBA, wRC, FIP, xFIP, DRS, UZR, etc., Base Runs, BABIP and HR/FB% adjustments, and our guts.

Rank Team Wins Losses Comments
1 Yankees 84 53 After a down year with the White Sox in 2008, Nick Swisher has been back in form as a Yankee (3.2, 4.2, and now 4.4 fWAR).
2 Phillies 88 47 Ryan Howard looks like he's going to fail to get to 2 fWAR for the second year in a row. His 5 year extension starts next season.
3 Red Sox 84 54 This has been perhaps the worst full season of Jon Lester's career. He has a 3.05 ERA and a 2.5 K/BB ratio.
4 Rangers 79 61 Michael Young is getting some MVP attention? He's 5th on his own team in fWAR, though 3.6 is his best since 2006.
5 Brewers 83 57 Zack Greinke has missed some time this year, unfortunately, because he's leading the majors with a 2.49 xFIP.
6 Rays 75 63 Desmond Jennings has a decent chance at 10 HR and 20 SB this year, and is at 2.1 fWAR in only 41 games.
7 Diamondbacks 79 60 Paul Goldschimdt hits home runs; 6 in just 102 PA so far this year, but a 33% strike-out rate to go along with them.
8 Cardinals 74 65 It's a good thing they picked Corey Patterson up from the Blue Jays; .178/.196/.267 with 11 K's to 1 walk.
9 Braves 81 57 Jason Heyward's monthly walks rates this year; 12.4%, 12.2%, 11.7%, 8%, 5.6%, and 0% so far in September.
10 Tigers 77 62 Since joining the club, Delmon Young has hit .291/.292/.453, with 3 HR in 20 games after hitting 4 in 84 games with the Twins.
11 Angels 75 64 Mike Trout is showing some unexpected power, with 5 home runs already in only 89 PA. And only 1 stolen base.
12 White Sox 68 68 Adam Dunn, hitting .162/.289/.288, has to go 45 for his next 45 to get up to the .260 he hit last year in Washington.
13 Dodgers 68 70 They've gone 11-2 over the last couple weeks, getting close to that .500 mark (if no closer to 1st place; Arizona also went 11-2).
14 Reds 68 71 Fransisco Cordero's strike-out rate has plummeted to 5.5 K/9, but he's also walking batters much less often than in recent yrs.
15 Blue Jays 69 70 The guy who's pitched the 3rd most innings for the team this year (Jo-Jo Reyes with 110) actually got waived over a month ago.

16 Mets 67 70 Even having increased (!) his power output to 10 home runs, a .276 BABIP has Jason Bay at only barely above replacement level.
17 Rockies 66 73 For players with even 100 PA, Jason Giambi leads the NL with a .634 slugging percentage - 44 points ahead of Ryan Braun.
18 Athletics 63 76 David DeJesus' wRC+ by year since 2006: 110, 91, 114, 99, 124, 93. Bounce-back coming in 2012?
19 Giants 73 66 Buster Posey hasn't played since the end of May. He's still second on the team in position player fWAR at 1.6.
20 Indians 69 67 Reliever Vinnie Pestano has a 12.1 K/9 this year, as well as the highest rate of strikes swung at and missed in the majors.
21 Royals 58 82 KC has the same BB% (7.4), K% (15.9), and ISO (.136) as the White Sox, but 25 points of BABIP has them up on wOBA .322 to .311.
22 Marlins 61 77 Javier Vazquez in the second half; 3.09 ERA, 9.3 K/9, 2.0 BB/9. And his fastball velocity is back up to around 91 mph.
23 Padres 60 79 Orlando Hudson has a good chance of doubling his previous career high in stolen bases (10) at the age of 33.
24 Nationals 64 73 Danny Espinosa still leads all rookie position players with 3.2 fWAR. Will he get any awards votes given his .233 batting average?
25 Cubs 59 80 For pitchers with at least 1,000 career innings pitched, Kerry Wood has the second highest strike-out rate of all time (10.4 K/9).
26 Pirates 64 75 Derrek Lee has accumulated more fWAR in 7 games as a Pirate (0.5) than he did in 85 games as an Oriole (0.4).
27 Mariners 58 80 Since coming over to the M's, over a quarter of Casper Wells' hits have been homer (6 of 20), with he's hitting only .220 with his 35% K rate.
28 Orioles 55 82 Matt Wieters is hitting .312/.402/.642 over the last month and is up to .268/.331/.439 for the season. And with only a .290 BABIP to boot.
29 Astros 47 92 Former pitcher Brian Bogusevic is back as an outfielder, and is hitting .295/.360/.509 with 1.5 fWAR in 68 games.
30 Twins 58 80 Minnesota has the worst xFIP in the majors, and the only starter below 4 is Scott Baker (3.61) who's been out for a month.

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