Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 26

The division winners are all decided, with the #1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8 teams taking the crowns, while #'s 4, 6, 9, 10, and 11 still fighting for the last two spots.

Just as a reminder: some of the things that go into these rankings include runs scored and allowed, run distributions, wOBA, wRC, FIP, xFIP, DRS, UZR, etc., Base Runs, BABIP and HR/FB% adjustments, and our guts.

Rank Team Wins Losses Comments
1 Yankees 96 61 CC Sabathia is well behind Justin Verlander in ERA (2.40 vs. 3.00), but is tied for the AL lead with 7 pitcher fWAR.
2 Phillies 98 60 There are 7 NL pitchers with at least 5 fWAR and 5 NL pitchers with at least 5 rWAR; 3 Phillies in each group.
3 Rangers 92 66 CJ Wilson was a reliever two years ago; since then; 425 innings of 3.15 ERA ball and an average of over 5 fWAR a season.
4 Red Sox 88 69 Jacoby Ellsbury had 20 home runs in 1,513 career PA coming into 2011 - he has 31 in only 717 PA this year.
5 Brewers 93 65 Mark Kotsay has gotten 200+ PA for the 6th straight season; in that time he has accumulated a total of -1.6 fWAR.
6 Rays 87 71 Tampa Bay has only gone 7-7 over the last couple weeks, but they've gotten to within a game back of Boston in the Wild Card race.
7 Diamondbacks 92 66 Ryan Roberts is only 2 home runs and 2 steals away from making Arizona the only team in baseball with three 20-20 guys.
8 Tigers 91 67 Miguel Cabrera is having the best offensive season of his career (.341/.447/.579, 175 wRC+), which is saying something.
9 Cardinals 87 71 Octavio Dotel has been great since coming over to St. Louis; 12 K/9, 2 BB/9 - good for a 1.61 FIP and 2.25 xFIP.
10 Angels 86 72 Jered Weaver hasn't been quite as good down the stretch as he was to start the season; 3.71 ERA, 4.55 FIP since August 1st.
11 Braves 89 69 Craig Kimbrel setting the record for saves by a rookie (46) will probably help his case for the Rookie of the Year award.
12 Dodgers 79 78 3 homers in the last 4 games would give Matt Kemp (already hitting a fantastic .324/.400/.581) a 40-40 season.
13 White Sox 77 81 If he doesn't get knocked out in the first inning in his last start, Mark Buerhle should get to 200 IP for the 11th straight year.
14 Giants 84 74 For pitchers with at least 40 IP, Sergio Romo has, by far, the best K/BB ratio in the majors at 13.2.
15 Blue Jays 80 78 Rookie Henderson Alvarez has pitched well over the last month, minimizing free passes (0.8 BB/9) and getting grounders( 56%).


16 Mets 76 82 No pitcher who throws as hard as Mike Pelfrey (~92 mph fastball) has struck out batters less frequently since 2008 (~5 K/9) .
17 Reds 76 82 Brandon Phillips has been on fire the last month, hitting .327/.408/.591 and accumulating 2 fWAR in just that short time.
18 Royals 69 89 Bruce Chen has the lowest starter ERA on the team at 3.98 (min. 20 IP) - his best season since 2005.
19 Rockies 71 87 Drew Pomeranz has a 5.68 ERA in his first three major league starts, but the 2.86 FIP and 3.85 xFIP look a lot more promising.
20 Athletics 71 87 Rookie Guillermo Moscoso has one of the biggest gaps between his ERA (3.38) and xFIP (5.02) in the majors.
21 Marlins 71 87 A strong enough last few games could leave Mike Stanton with the highest ISO ever for a player through his age 21 season (.266 now).
22 Indians 80 78 Asrdubal Cabrera has been very consistent with the power this year, hitting between 3 and 5 homers every month.
23 Nationals 77 80 Winning out would allow the Nationals to have their first winning season since moving to Washington in2005 (when they went 81-81).
24 Padres 69 89 Nick Hundley has missed a lot of time, but has still had a very good season in only 298 PA (.292/.352/.472, with 3.3 fWAR).
25 Cubs 70 88 Despite the .228 batting average, the Cubs got what they paid for from Carlos Pena (.357 wOBA, 2.6 fWAR).
26 Orioles 67 91 Zach Britton has had a very nice rookie season, and actually leads the O's in pitcher fWAR at 2.7.
27 Mariners 66 92 It's Michael Pineda who leads all AL rookie pitchers though, at 3.4 fWAR (tied with Craig Kimbrel for the major league lead).
28 Astros 55 103 Carlos Lee has been on a tear recently, accumulating half of his 3 total fWAR in just the last month while hitting .354/.420/.626.
29 Pirates 71 87 If they can hold of the Cubs, the Pirates will finish in 4th place for the first time since 2003.
30 Twins 60 98 Minnesota has been outscored by almost 20 more runs than the next worst team - and the gap was bigger before Houston lost 19-3.

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