The All-WAR teams


With the announcement of the All-Star rosters yesterday, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at how the teams stacked up against eachother in terms of WAR. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the stat...

Wins Above Replacement (WAR)    the link will take you to the Fangraph's description

I realize that any all-in-one metric of a player is going to have it's flaws, and I'm certainly not saying this is "perfect," but this will give you a better idea of a players value to his team than relying on stats such as batting average or RBIs.

To find the numbers below, I took the WAR totals from each player, added them up and divided to find the "Average WAR." I would have liked to compare the WAR totals without finding the average, but I wasn't sure how to deal with the uneven number of hitters between the AL and NL (DH and lack therof) so finding the average was the obvious choice.

Also, I only included batters in the data below, and decieded to skip completely on any pitchers.


FIrstly, I compared the starters.

AL- 3.13

NL- 3.525

This suprised me, as I thought the AL would be superior by far. What further amazes me is how the NL could have been much higher if Andrew McCutchen (4.6) or Shane Victorino (4.2) had made the team as they rightfully shoud have. Seeing these "Snubs" with such high WAR stats, I decieded to make an all-snub WAR team. I didn't include a DH, and the players are a combonation of AL and NL. To find these players, I simply went position by position on Fangraphs and selected the highest WAR player that was not on either team. I should add I decieded to put Ben Zobrist in RF instead of second base because Dustin Pedroia also had a very high WAR at second. The average suprised me.

All-Snub- 3.44

Yes, that is higher than the AL starters. This only further illuminates the brokenness of the voting system.

For the "bench," the AL was king

AL bench- 2.53

NL bench- 2.425

When combined, the total rosters are very close

Combined bench and starters, AL- 2.9

Combined bench and starters, NL-2.865

For anyone who would like to know, here is the "Snub" team

Shane Victorino

Andrew McCutchen

Ben Zobrist

Kevin Youkilis

Johnny Peralta

Dustin Pedroia

Mark Teixeira

Miguel Montero

I'm almost positive I've misspelled some of the players names, so I apologize in advance. Also, This is my first fanpost here so take it easy on me, and any feedback would be awesome. Thanks!

All data is thru July 3rd and is from fangraphs, so a big thank you there.

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