BoaB -- Garfoosian Logic League Standings 5/24

Here are the standings through games played 5/24:

  Total WAR Max WAR Hitters Pitchers
frankman10 22.6 4.5 17.3 5.3
LG47 20.7 2.5 11.2 9.5
CarLoogy 18.3 2.4 12.0 6.3
Dandretti 17.2 2.0 9.2 8.0
ThePetis 16.9 2.3 12.5 4.4
AdamBanks 16.7 3.0 8.7 8.0
keanuthon 15.6 2.7 12.3 3.3
mattb723 15.3 2.0 10.7 4.6
nick5253 15.0 2.7 9.0 6.0
Jevant 13.6 2.0 7.7 5.9
Okobojicat 12.9 2.2 8.5 4.4
CEW 10.3 1.9 4.1 6.2

Frankman10 is rolling with 2 hitters in the top 5 (Bautista & Granderson). To go along with those 2, he has 7 other guys with WAR above 1. Luckily for the rest of the league, his pitchers aren't producing as well. Only 2 of his 12 pitchers have a WAR > 0.7.

LG 47is dominating the pitching side of things. He has 3 guys out of the top 8 in King Felix, Jered Weaver and Daniel Hudson. His best hitter has been Denard Span with 2.5 WAR.

CarLoogyhas Jose Reyes carrying the offense (2.4 WAR) plus good numbers so far for pitchers: Anderson and Shields.

Dandretti has gotten the most out of his bullpen with 2.7 WAR as well as decent contribution across his roster. If Adam Dunn could show up (-0.2), this team would much better off.

ThePetis is being carried by his hitters. 9 of which have a WAR  > 0.8. Lead by Zobrist and Braun.

Adam Bankshas gotten nearly equal performance from his hitters and pitchers. Kendrick is currently 2nd with a WAR of 3. As far as pitching, Cahill, Lee and Lincecum are as good as you would think (1.4, 2.0, 1.5 respectively)

KeanuthonDan Uggla is dragging on this team similar to Adam Dunn. Unfortunately, the pitchers have been the worst in the league.

MattB723has literally gotten 0 WAR from his bullpen.

nick5253despite flawless draft strategy, this team isn't very good. Votto has been as good as 9 of the other hitters combined. Plus Marlon Byrd's attempt to bunt with his face is going to cost his a long stint on the DL.

Jevant has Rasmus, Tulo and Sandoval carrying his offense with Marcum and Price leading the pitchers.

Okobojicathas 4 guys making up his offensive output: Kemp, McCutchen, Cabrera and Youkilis. The injury bug has hurt his pitchers with Cashner and Bailey missing a lot of time.

CEWhas some real probelms. His biggest expenditure was Furcal who is sporting a -0.5 WAR. Not a lot of hope here.

The most expensive players for team hasn't really paid off too well:

Player Team Salary WAR Team Rank
Dan Uggla keanuthon 9.2 -0.2 22
Adam Dunn dandretti 12.0 -0.2 22
Ryan Zimmerman LG47 11.7 0.6 14
Tim Lincecum AdamBanks 14.0 1.5 3
Rafael Furcal CEW 12.0 -0.5 24
Albert Pujols Jevant 16.0 0.9 7
Adrian Beltre nick5253 14.0 1.7 2
David Wright mattb723 14.3 0.5 13
Kevin Youkilis Okobojicat 12.3 1.9 2
Ricky Nolasco ThePetis 6.0 1.0 8
Robinson Cano frankman10 10.0 1.2 9
Jose Reyes CarLoogy 11.0 2.4 1

Only 1 is the top and only 4 are in the top 5.

Also, please let me know if your total is incorrect and I will fix it. I have already found a couple of errors as I was posting this.

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