BOAB: Well's Bells League Standings etc.

Hey guys. So there had been some discussion about keeping track of the league standings and such, so I decided to put this together for the quarter-mark of the season. Below are the teams listed in order of current standings and rundown of how they're doing. Included in the rundown is Team MVP (Player with highest WAR), LVP (Lowest WAR), Exceeding Expectations, Falling Flat, and Bad Luck Moment (Because we all have those). Sorry if I goof on the formatting of this post. First one of these I've ever done.

1. stvfres

WAR to Date: 23.2

Projected to Date WAR: 20 (+3.2)

Hitter's WAR: 16.4

Pitcher's WAR: 6.8

MVP: 2B Howie Kendrick (2.6 WAR)

LVP: RP Bobby Parnell (-0.1 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: 2B Howie Kendrick. Projected for 2.8 WAR for the year, Kendrick has almost matched that projection in the first quarter of the seaosn. Can he keep up this pace? A currently .388 BABIP says probably not, but there's always hope. Other Candidates: C Russell Martin, 3B Pablo Sandoval.

Falling Flat: SP Yovanni Gallardo. Projected for 4.9 WAR, Gallardo has produced just 0.5 WAR so far. His K/9 are down, and HR Fastball% is up. However, his .315 BABIP BABIP and increased ground ball percentage suggest he might be able to turn it around. Other Candidates: SP Wade Davis, MI Omar Infante

Bad Luck Moment: Having a red-hot Pablo Sandoval go out for 6 weeks with a broken wrist. Having Sergio Mitre lose out on the Yankees 5th starting spot and get shipped to the Brewers.

2. k26dp

WAR to Date: 21.8 (1.4 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 18.1 (+3.7)

Hitter's WAR: 14.1

Pitcher's WAR: 7.7

MVP: 1B Adrian Gonzalez, OF Ryan Braun (2.0 WAR)

LVP: OF Tyler Colvin (-0.5 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: C Alex Avilla. In his second full season, he's currently the 4th best catcher in terms of WAR. His BABIP is a touch above average, and his strikeout percentage is up there near the tops in the majors, but he should still should be able to stick near the top in terms of catchers. Other Candidates: 1B Gaby Sanchez, SP Ian Kennedy

Falling Flat: 2B Dan Uggla. The change of scene to Atlanta was supposed to be good for him, but so far, Uggla has produced a big squadoosh on the season. Just about everything is bad; Isolated Power, BABIP, WOBA, and Fielding Runs. So it can't get much worse. Other Candidates: SP Clay Bucholz, SP Jeff Nieman.

Bad Luck Moment: 3B Ryan Zimmerman goes down with abdominal surgery.

3. 3cardmonty

WAR to Date: 18.9 (4.3 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 16.7 (+2.2)

Hitter's WAR: 13.8

Pitcher's WAR: 5.1

MVP: OF Jose Bautista (3.9 WAR)

LVP: Edwin Encarnacion (-0.7 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: OF Jose Bautista. While it's hard to say that someone who had 6.9 WAR last year is exceeding expectations, did anyone see this coming? The dude has gone insane. And I'm not willing to bet against him until he goes dead cold. Other Candidates: OF Cameron Maybin, 2B Ben Zobrist

Falling Flat: 3B Edwin Encarnacion. While he's never been a WAR stud, this is just sad. ISO power of .094 and a BB% of 3.0%. I don't see him turning this around incredibly soon. Other Candidates: SP Kevin Slowey, SP Justin Duchscherer

Bad Luck Moment: Dallas Braden gets Tommy John Surgery. Kevin Slowey starts the season in the pen.

4. Satchel Price

WAR to Date: 16.9 (6.3 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 19.5 (-2.6)

Hitter's WAR: 11.9

Pitcher's WAR: 5.0

MVP: U Curtis Granderson, SP Jered Weaver (2.1 WAR)

LVP: 3B Ian Stewart (-0.7 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: U Curtis Granderson. Other than his incredible 2007 season with the Tigers, Granderson has stayed around 3.5 WAR. He was projected for 4 WAR this year, and is rolling quickly toward surpassing that total. Even more incredible, he's not crashing and burning against lefties this year. His hope to surpass 4, 5, and maybe even 6 WAR rides very heavily on his ability to keep that up. Other Candidates: 1B Logan Morrison, CI Maicer Izturis

Falling Flat: OF Jason Heyward. After his breakout rookie campaign, people were expecting another huge season. But the sophomore slump has reared its ugly head. His walks are down a hair, but he's just not as lucky as last year (.335 BABIP in 2010 to .235 this year). He probably has a good chance to turn it around. Other Candidates: SP Jon Lester, SP Phil Hughes, 3B Ian Stewart

Bad Luck Moment: Phil Hughes starts slow and gets a shoulder injury.

5. jar75

WAR to Date: 15.2 (8.0 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 18.6 (-3.4)

Hitter's WAR: 9.0

Pitcher's WAR: 6.2

MVP: 3B Adrian Beltre (1.7 WAR)

LVP: RP Takashi Saito (-0.3 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: 1B Justin Smoak. One of the main pieces of the Cliff Lee deal, Smoak has played much better in Seattle than in Texas. Is he getting a little lucky? Yes. But he can definitely keep up a slightly lessened pace and surpass his projected2.2 WAR, making him more than worth the $0.41 million he costs. Other Candidates: OF Drew Stubbs, SP Derek Holland.

Falling Flat: SP Ubaldo Jimenez. What happened? Steady rise from '08 to his great 2010 season, and now has simply plummeted. His BB/9 are up, his ground ball percentage down, and hitters are making better contact off the fastball that was nearly untouchable last year. Other Candidates: 2B Gordon Beckham, OF Carlos Gonzalez.

Bad Luck Moment: Jesus Montero, Dustin Ackley, Matt Dominguez, and Mike Minor all start the year in the minors.

6. Robert L Bishop

WAR to Date: 14.5 (8.7 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 17.5 (-3.6)

Hitter's WAR: 8.6

Pitcher's WAR: 5.9

MVP: SP Shaun Marcum (1.6 WAR)

LVP: SP James McDonald, RP Clay Hensley (-0.1 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: 3B Casey McGehee. After a nice campaign last year, his projection was only for 2.3 WAR, but he's moving very quickly to surpassing that number. His batting average and OBP are a little lower than last year, and his ground ball to fly ball ratio is up a little bit, but he should be able to continue to put together a nice year. Other Candidates: SS Nick Punto, OF Michael Bourn.

Falling Flat: SP Mat Latos. Great 2010, but everything has gone the wrong way in 2011. HR/9 has doubled, WHIP is up, and ERA is up by over 1.6. And you can't blame it on BABIP since it's the exact same as in 2010. Other Candidates: SP James McDonald, C Yorvit Torrealba

Bad Luck Moment: Desmond Jennings doesn't make the Rays. Andrew Bailey goes on the DL.

t7. jfcincotta

WAR to Date: 14.1 (9.1 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 19.7 (-5.6)

Hitter's WAR: 7.9

Pitcher's WAR: 6.2

MVP: MI Asdrubal Cabrera, SP James Shields, SP Anibal Sanchez (1.4 WAR)

LVP: 5 players tied at -0.1 WAR

Exceeding Expectations: MI Asdrubal Cabrera. Back after missing half, Cabrera appears to be on track to duplicate his 2009 season (3.0 WAR). Nothing overly spectacular in his numbers, but considering he was only expected to contribute 1.9 WAR, he's looking pretty good at this moment. Other Candidates: 1B Mitch Moreland, OF Mike Stanton.

Falling Flat: SS Hanley Ramirez. For someone who has averaged over 5.7 WAR over the last 5 years, including 2 years over 7 WAR, he's gotten off to a really slow start. Can't blame injuries or increased strikeouts. However, his BABIP is a little low this year, and his ground ball to fly ball ratio has skyrocketed. Other Candidates: SP Ricky Romero, RP Chris Sale.

Bad Luck Moment: Josh Hamilton attempts to score on a foul pop out.

t7. grantjg1

WAR to Date: 14.1 (9.1 WAR behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 19 (-4.9)

Hitter's WAR: 8.3

Pitcher's WAR: 5.8

MVP: SP Josh Johnson (1.8 WAR)

LVP: OF Franklin Gutierrez (-0.2 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: SP Justin Masterson. Almost everything is the same for Masterson this year as the past 3 years, except his HR off his fastball percentage is down to a microscopic 2.2%, his LOB% is up, and his WHIP is down. This translates to an ERA 1.26 points lower than his career average, and being on pace for a WAR over 6 with a preseason projection of 3.3 Other Candidates: 3B Placido Polanco, OF Nyjer Morgan

Falling Flat: 1B Albert Pujols. Tough call between him and OF Nelson Cruz (Who is also having a tough year). But when you're Albert Pujols and you're on pace for your worst season ever and 5 WAR beneath projections, you win. What's been wrong with Pujols? Who knows. But he's been heating up in April, so I'm sure no one is particularly worried. Other Candidates: OF Nelson Cruz, SP Brett Cecil

Bad Luck Moment: OF Franklin Gutierrez and SP Randy Wells start the year on the DL.

9. ajfriedman

WAR to Date: 14.0 (9.2 WAR behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 19 (-5)

Hitter's WAR: 6.5

Pitcher's WAR: 7.5

MVP: SP David Price (1.5 WAR)

LVP: 1B Daric Barton (-0.4 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: RP Tim Stauffer. An absolute steal as a RP since he's started 9 games this year. He was only projected to get 1.5 WAR as a reliever/spot starter, but he's already reached 1.2 WAR. It will be interesting to see how much further he can go as a starter for the rest of the year. Other Candidates: C Yadier Molina, SP Jair Jurrjens.

Falling Flat: 1B Daric Barton. After a great 2010 year, Barton's fell a little short of expectations so far. A low BABIP hasn't helped him, and even his fielding has decided to not help him out, unlike in years past. Other Candidates: RP Neftali Feliz, SP Mike Pelfrey

Bad Luck Moment: Seemingly half his team goes on the DL, with Kendry Morales (Out for the year), Domonic Brown (Out for the first two months), and Evan Longoria (6 weeks) leading the way. Neftali Feliz doesn't make the rotation, and then gets injured.

10. doublej4725

WAR to Date: 13.8 (9.4 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 17.2 (-3.4)

Hitter's WAR: 6.8

Pitcher's WAR: 7.0

MVP: OF Matt Kemp (2.1 WAR)

LVP: U Dan Johnson (-0.8 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: OF Matt Kemp. Long recognized as having great potential, a horrific 2010 year (0.2 WAR while playing in every game), he seems to be living up to the potential that produced a great 2009 campaign. Now his BABIP is incredibly high at .378, so even though he can keep up this great pace, he probably won't reach the 8 WAR he's on pace for. Other Candidates: OR Colby Rasmus, SP Jaime Garcia

Falling Flat: 3B David Wright. The fracture in his lower back definitely won't help him at all. But the 39 games he played in before that left a lot to be desired out of the 5-time All Star. Wright has been slowly falling since his great 2007-08 years. Each year, his strikeouts have increased while his OBP has decreased. Other Candidates: SS Alcides Escobar, RP Joakim Soria.

Bad Luck Moment: Brian Matusz starts the year on the DL. David Wright gets cold and then injures his back.

11. ronbja

WAR to Date: 11.7 (11.5 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 17.3 (-5.6)

Hitter's WAR: 6.1

Pitcher's WAR: 5.6

MVP: 1B Joey Votto (2.8 WAR)

LVP: OF Manny Ramirez, C Josh Thole (-0.4 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: SP Michael Pineda. Ranked 16th in Baseball America's Top 100 prospects (And not even 1st in his own system), Pineda has made a bigger impact than any of the 15 prospects ahead of him, and has been the most dominant rookie this year (With apologies to Britton and Hellickson). Already beat his projection of 1.0 WAR, currently on pace for about 6 WAR. Other Candidates: OF Jacoby Ellsbury, SP Jordan Zimmerman

Falling Flat: 3B Pedro Alvarez. Incredibly tempting to say Manny, but Manny was just a flier. If Manny got anything, it was pure gravy. Alvarez was seen as a breakout candidate, with a projection of 3 WAR. But he's just crashed. BABIP is league average, but he's striking out over 33% of the time. Simply put, he has to be a little less like Mark Reynolds, but he's still young, so he might be able to make a change. Other Candidates: OF Manny Ramirez, C Josh Thole.

Bad Luck Moment: Manny Ramirez's European Vacation.

12. Brendan Harris Lives

WAR to Date: 10.2 (13.0 WAR Behind)

Projected to Date WAR: 16.7 (-6.5)

Hitter's WAR: 5.3

Pitcher's WAR: 4.9

MVP: OF Matt Joyce (2.1 WAR)

LVP: 2B Bill Hall (-0.6 WAR)

Exceeding Expectations: OF Matt Joyce. Showed good potential when he played in 2010, and has continued on in 2011. There's probably no way he can keep up his pace (A .410 BABIP and .358 batting average), but it'll be interesting to see what his true level is. Other Candidates: 1B Ike Davis, SP Jason Vargas

Falling Flat: 3B Mark Reynolds. As an O's fan, I was hoping Reynolds could duplicate 2008 with fewer K's. He's struck out less, but also has gotten fewer hits and lower slugging. Other Candidates: SS Cliff Pennington, SP Colby Lewis.

Bad Luck Moment: Tsuyoshi Nishioka ugly injury.

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