BtB Predicted Standings; What are yours?

With the baseball season about to begin (finally!), the Beyond the Box Score crew assembled our predictions* for how the 2011 standings would shake out. Here they are, along with the highest and lowest vote for each team.


Average Highest Lowest
AL East
Boston Red Sox 1.1 1 2
New York Yankees 2.1 2 3
Tampa Bay Rays 2.8 1 3
Toronto Blue Jays 4.3 4 5
Baltimore Orioles 4.7 4 5
AL Central
Chicago White Sox 1.7 1 3
Minnesota Twins 1.7 1 4
Detroit Tigers 2.6 2 3
Cleveland Indians 4.2 3 5
Kansas City Royals 4.7 4 5
AL West
Texas Rangers 1.3 1 2
Oakland A's 1.9 1 3
Los Angeles Angels 2.9 2 4
Seattle Mariners  3.9 3 4
NL East
Philadelphia Phillies 1.4 1 2
Atlanta Braves 1.7 1 3
Florida Marlins 3.5 2 5
New York Mets 3.6 3 5
Washington Nationals 4.7 4 5
NL Central
Cincinnati Reds 1.8 1 3
Milwaukee Brewers 2.2 1 4
St. Louis Cardinals 2.9 1 4
Chicago Cubs 3.6 1 5
Houston Astros 5.2 4 6
Pittsburgh Pirates 5.3 2 6
NL West
San Francisco Giants 1.5 1 3
Colorado Rockies 2.5 1 3
Los Angeles Dodgers 3.1 1 4
San Diego Padres 3.1 1 5
Arizona Diamondbacks 4.9 4 5

* Predictions not necessarily the same as projections based on "hard data". In choosing the second place team for the NL Central, I may or may not have used a dart board.


AL East: Generally broad agreement about the order here. No 1st place votes for NY.
AL Central: The Twins and Pale Hose are neck and neck, with the Tigers just behind.
AL West: Rangers vs. A's, with a slight edge to the defending AL champs.

NL East: A lot closer than I expected between the Phillies and Braves. Clear top two though.
NL Central: All over the place - with four teams picked to win it - but the Reds and Brewers out ahead.
NL West: Four teams picked to win here too, but the Giants are the favorites.

In fact, 16 different teams had at least one 1st place vote.


AL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez (7), Adam Dunn, Evan Longoria, Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP: Albert Pujols (4), Buster Posey (2), Roy Halladay, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Hanley Ramirez

AL Cy Young: Jon Lester (5), Brett Anderson (2), Felix Hernandez (2), Justin Verlander
NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay (6), Tim Lincecum, Yovani Gallardo, Clayton Kershaw, Roy Oswalt

AL ROY: Jeremy Hellickson (5), Michael Pineda (2), J.P. Arencibia, Mike Moustakas
NL ROY: Brandon Belt (4), Freddie Freeman (3), Danny Espinosa, Brandon Beachy

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