Can you guess what MLB record Jake Northrop owns?

Alfredo Aceves (pictured) and Jake Northrop (1918) have something in common.

How many of you are familiar with the career of Jake Northrop? That's what I thought.

Jake pitched for the Boston Braves in 1918 and 1919. He didn't make his debut until age 30. He totaled 77.1 innings pitched, 13 strike outs and 13 walks, and sported a 5-5 record. So why am I writing about Jake today?

Because he owns the record for most wins in a single season for a pitcher that had more wins than strikeouts.

In 1918, Northrop pitched in seven games, starting four of them. He threw four complete games and managed to earn five wins that year. What's amazing is that he only struck out four batters all year in route to earning his five wins. More amazingly, he did manage to sport a 1.33 K/BB ratio on account of only walking three batters that year.

All told, there have been 49 separate instances where a pitcher posted a season where their wins outpaced their strike outs (minimum one win). There have been nine instances where the pitcher earned greater than two wins, two instances where the pitcher earned greater than three wins, and only once where the pitcher earned more than three wins--Jake Northrop's 1918 season.

Alfredo Aceves is the most recent pitcher to turn the trick, notching 3 wins in 2010 while only striking out 2 batters.

The only pitcher to ever turn the trick twice--that would be George Herman Ruth.

Rk Yrs
1 Babe Ruth 2 Ind. Seasons
2 Alfredo Aceves 1 Ind. Seasons
3 Bartolome Fortunato 1 Ind. Seasons
4 Mike DeJean 1 Ind. Seasons
5 Brent Mayne 1 Ind. Seasons
6 Paul Wagner 1 Ind. Seasons
7 Ken Ray 1 Ind. Seasons
8 Mike Cather 1 Ind. Seasons
9 Rafael Carmona 1 Ind. Seasons
10 Jim Stoops 1 Ind. Seasons
11 Steve Fireovid 1 Ind. Seasons
12 Rosario Rodriguez 1 Ind. Seasons
13 Scott Nielsen 1 Ind. Seasons
14 Randy Wiles 1 Ind. Seasons
15 Fred Newman 1 Ind. Seasons
16 Frank Kreutzer 1 Ind. Seasons
17 Wynn Hawkins 1 Ind. Seasons
18 Joe Grzenda 1 Ind. Seasons
19 Marion Fricano 1 Ind. Seasons
20 Frank Barrett 1 Ind. Seasons
21 Junior Walsh 1 Ind. Seasons
22 Lefty Hoerst 1 Ind. Seasons
23 Hi Bithorn 1 Ind. Seasons
24 Bill Connelly 1 Ind. Seasons
25 Steve Sundra 1 Ind. Seasons
26 Sid Peterson 1 Ind. Seasons
27 Mel Queen 1 Ind. Seasons
28 Rankin Johnson 1 Ind. Seasons
29 Red Barrett 1 Ind. Seasons
30 Kemp Wicker 1 Ind. Seasons
31 Mike Ryba 1 Ind. Seasons
32 Bill Ferrazzi 1 Ind. Seasons
33 Gowell Claset 1 Ind. Seasons
34 Ben Shields 1 Ind. Seasons
35 Marv Gudat 1 Ind. Seasons
36 Mul Holland 1 Ind. Seasons
37 Stan Baumgartner 1 Ind. Seasons
38 Dewey Metivier 1 Ind. Seasons
39 Leo Townsend 1 Ind. Seasons
40 Bill Bayne 1 Ind. Seasons
41 Tom Zachary 1 Ind. Seasons
42 Jake Northrop 1 Ind. Seasons
43 Brad Hogg 1 Ind. Seasons
44 Zip Zabel 1 Ind. Seasons
45 Bull Durham 1 Ind. Seasons
46 Tom Dougherty 1 Ind. Seasons
47 Sam Mertes 1 Ind. Seasons
48 George Prentiss 1 Ind. Seasons
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Generated 3/21/2011.
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