"Ball on a Budget" Fantasy League 2011 -- Draft Prep

With the first pick Satchel Price selects Alex Rodriguez. February 20 2011 at the George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa Florida. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

So far we have 56 sign-ups, enough for four leagues with eight alternates. Sign-ups are still open, but I'll get to that in a minute. Right now we need to establish the player pool. We're looking for some help from the participants. Here's what we're looking for:

  1. Pick a team that hasn't been chosen yet (indicate you've done so in the comments section of this article).
  2. Download this template.
  3. Get the name, position eligibility (20 games in minors or majors last year or last year played if out for season), and salary amount (using information from Cot's Baseball Contracts) of every player on the team's 40-man roster and any other notable members of the organization.
  4. Copy said information to your team's sheet in the above linked template.
  5. Save the template (follow up your initial commitment with an indication that the task has been completed in the comments section of this article).

This needs to be done for all thirty teams. It's a lot of work, but it will seem like a lot less when shared among thirty people.

As I mentioned sign-ups are still open. Everyone who signed up in the last thread is guaranteed a spot in a league. If you haven't signed up yet and want to play leave your email address in the subject line of a comment on this article. Anyone who signs up in this thread and helps compile the salary and position eligibility information is also guaranteed a spot in a league. The rest of the sign-ups will be placed on a waiting list. We may have enough to form a league or two off of said waiting list, though unfortunately we can't make any guarantees in this regard.

A few notes about how to compile salary and position eligibility information:

  • If a position player played 20 or more games at the position last year in the majors, minors, or combined, he's eligible to be drafted for that position in our league. For instance, even though Chone Figgins is ticketed for every-day 3B duties, he's only eligible to be drafted as a second baseman in our game.
  • Do not include any incentives when you're compiling salary figures. Guaranteed money only.
  • Do account for any signing bonus money a player may earn by prorating the bonus figure over the life of the guaranteed portion of a player's contract. Example: player signs a 5-year, $50 million deal with a $5 million signing bonus, his salary would be $11 million.

A few general notes:

  • As soon as we have all thirty teams' information, we'll begin drafting. Those that pitched in to help with the compilation of this information will be placed in the first leagues to begin drafting.
  • I'm going to need one league manager per league. There will be very few on-hand responsibilities, I mainly just need the manager to alert me if an alternate is needed or any other unusual issue arises. We'll worry about assigning this duty once the leagues begin forming, so there's no deliverable regarding this item yet, just something to think about.

I know this is a lot of information to take in at once, so I'm going to recap the contents of this article:

We need help from the BoaB participants in compiling salary and position eligibility information on the players in our player pool. Instructions on how to help are listed in the first indented portion of the article (numbers). Doing so will guarantee you a spot in one of the first leagues to draft and guarantee you a spot in a league, period, if you haven't signed up already. Leave your email address in the subject line of a comment if you haven't signed up yet and wish to do so.

The quicker we compile this information the quicker we can begin the fun part: drafting and then tracking your team. I'd like for the first league to begin drafting next Monday, so I challenge the participants to compile the salary information for all thirty teams in a week. It's certainly doable, so let's try to make it happen.

Questions? Leave them in the comments section.

Ready? Go.


UPDATE: I didn't post this thread 20 hours ago and we've already gotten 19 of the 30 teams done and all but four of them are spoken for. Awesome, awesome work. We're going to finish way before our goal of this coming Sunday night, and might end up finishing today. Below is the list of incomplete teams (which I'll update as we go).

UPDATE 2: All thirty teams are spoken for and twenty three of the thirty are complete. The list of teams that haven't been completed yet:

Royals -- spoken for
Red Sox -- spoken for
Marlins -- spoken for
Cubs -- spoken for
Brewers -- spoken for
Reds -- spoken for
A's -- spoken for

UPDATE 3: The Marlins, Cubs, and Brewers are the only remaining teams. As soon as they're finished we can begin drafting.

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