High & Inside: 11/19/11

TORONTO, CANADA - JULY 19: Chone Figgins #9 of the Seattle Mariners bunts against the Toronto Blue Jays during MLB action at The Rogers Centre July 19, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)

After a prolonged absence, High & Inside is back. And it's great timing, really. It's hot stove season, and a lot is going. So on to the links...

To get things started off, Bill at the Platoon Advantage explains why he doesn't like MLB's new postseason plan, and I agree with him. Under the new system, a team can play very well throughout the entire season, play against an inferior team in a one-game playoff, lose that one game, and that's it for them. It just doesn't sit right with me.

A few weeks ago, former BtBer Josh Weinstock looked at swing area for batters over at the Hardball Times. Josh then applied the same analysis to pitchers, and found that it "tells us much more about both a pitcher's overall ability and more specific ability to record strikeouts than O-swing does." Very interesting stuff.

Also at the Hardball Times is an intriguing post on players who received exactly one vote in a single year for the Hall of Fame. There are an unbelievable amount of eventual Hall of Famers who fall into this category: "Fifty-nine eventual Hall of Famers received one vote in a year from the BBWAA for Cooperstown, all of this coming in the 20 main elections writers conducted from 1936 through 1962."

Over at U.S.S. Mariner, Dave Cameron examined the effect that signing a marquee free agent has on a mid-market team's attendance. The results aren't all that surprising: "Fans come to see winning teams, not individual players."

Team-specific links after the jump...


Royals Review interviewed Jin Wong, Director of Baseball Administration for the Royals.

Over the Monster looks at how Yoennis Cespedes would work for the Red Sox.

Fire Brand of the American League, meanwhile, offers up a few thoughts on the Sox' managerial situation.

Lookout Landing discusses Chone Figgins.

The Todd Van Poppel Rookie Card Retirement Plan breaks down Gio Gonzalez/Miami Marlins rumors.


Comment-starter: The Todd Van Poppel Rookie Card Retirement Plan: a great baseball blog name, or the best baseball blog name? It's certainly up there.

Oh yeah, and feel free to send any saber-links for inclusion here.

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