This Week In The AL West

After a day of owning the second biggest lead in franchise history (9.5), the AL West lead is back where we left it last week, at 8.5. 

There has, however, been a switch in second place.

I'll spare you a lot of words and merely get on with the links.

Texas Rangers (65-47)

Lone Star Ball: The Eye Of The Elvis

Though he's tailed off from his hot start quite a bit, Elvis Andrus has still shown a remarkable batting eye for a player of his age and profile this season. Lone Star Ball reader John Paul has the details.

SB Nation Dallas-Ft. Worth: On The Rangers' Troublesome Fifth Rotation Spot

Rich Harden came back from the DL and had one strong start, then fell apart all over again. With Derek Holland on the DL and Scott Feldman disappointing, Brett Perryman looks at what the Rangers can do with the fifth starter.

Baseball Time In Arlington: Why Vlad Can't Hit. . . Right Now

After a brief note on Mark Cuban, Joey Matschulat tries to figure out why Vladimir Guerrero has been in a slump for so long. As often seems to be the case in these discussions, bad luck appears to be the culprit.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (58-57)

Halo Hangout: Need For Speed -- The Angels Edition

Kalup Alexander argues that the Angels have typically made up for not being a great OBP team by stealing a lot of bases, something they have not done this season, and believes that is a major part of their decline this season.

Angelswin Blog: Why You Should Still Support The 2010 Angels

In what seems likely a lost season, David Saltzer gives fans the top 10 reasons they should still support the Angels this year.

Halos Heaven: Carl Crawford in 2011? Or. . .

Sean "Rally" Smith responds to a FanGraphs chat where Bryan Smith relayed reports that Mike Trout may start for the Angels in 2011 at 19. Rally seems to be in disbelief, but that would sure be incredible.

Oakland Athletics (56-56)

Athletics Nation: Rajai Davis, Stolen Bases, An WPA

Danmerqury breaks down WPA to look at how little even an impressive speedster like Rajai Davis actually adds in terms of winning by stealing bases.

FanGraphs: Promotion -- Chris Carter

Elite slugging A's prospect Vernon Christopher Carter has been called up finally, and Mike Axisa has the low down on his plate discipline and projections. He's had four strikeouts and no hits in his six PAs so far.

Seattle Mariners (44-70) With Time, Dustin Ackley Could Develop Power

Guesting for the blog of the Brock & Salk radio show, Dave Cameron makes the case for the future power production of young Dustin Ackley, completely with nifty player comps.

Lookout Landing: Makign Sense Of The Don Wakamatsu/Everyone Firing

The biggest news of the Mariners' week is the perhaps inevitable and probably debatable firing of Don Wakamatsu, so I figure the blogosphere's reactions are a good way to go. Starting with Jeff at Lookout Landing.

U.S.S. Mariner: Why Wak Was Fired

Next is Cameron, who believes much of Wak's firing can be blamed on Ken Griffey Jr. spreading seeds of discontent, and also believes Wak will be a good manager elsewhere, eventually.

Lookout Landing: Today's Fun Fact

Now back to Jeff, with an interesting tidbit: replacement managers average a 46.8 winning percentage, vs. an average of 41.6 from the guys they replace.

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