Top Ten Total Runs Contributed seasons since 2003

10.) David Wright (177; 2007)
7a.) Chase Utley (178; 2006)
7b.) Albert Pujols (178; 2003)
7c.) Alex Rodriguez (178; 2007)
4a.) Todd Helton (179; 2004)
4b.) Adrian Beltre (179; 2004)
4c.) Albert Pujols (179; 2009)
3.) Alex Rodriguez (181; 2003)
2.) Barry Bonds (184; 2004)
1.) Chase Utley (192; 2008)

What does this show? Chase Utley is a freaking beast. A lot of his total runs come from the positional adjustment factor which has ranged between 26 and 31 runs since 2005, when he first started contributing on a regular basis. His 192 Total Runs last season was mind-boggling. Hell, it was 21 runs more than Pujols generated last season. And, of those 21, a grand total of 20 runs came from the positional adjustment difference between the two which still shows Utley was the better straight-up player last season.

Since 2005, Utley has produced 861 Total Runs. Over that same time period, Pujols has put up 848 Total Runs. I'm not saying Utley is the better player between the two but it's quite clear that Utley is a top five player in this league and quite possibly even top three. Utley is actually second, behind Pujols, in terms of Total Runs this season. He's a true monster. He's posted Runs Saved totals of 21, 15, 15, 34, and 13 since 2005. He's an amazing fielder at his position considering his ability at the plate. And he's not a lame on the basepaths either. He's posted Baserunning Runs totals of 3, 5, 3, 5, and 5 since 2005. He's an adequate and smart baserunner.

Just one of the ways to show how dominant Utley has been during his career.

One of the reasons I made this thread was to show some of the great seasons that were put up since 2003. Another reason was to show how absolutely brilliant Utley has been for the Phillies during his time there. In January of 2007, Utley signed a seven-year deal worth $85 million. It keeps him in Philadelphia until 2013. That's what you would call a smart investment. It pays Utley a meager $12.1 million per season with the Phillies through 2013. Since 2005, when Utley began this impressive run, he's been worth an average of $30.9 million per season. He's being underpaid by nearly $20 million per year. He's in the Pujols category when it comes to that.

One has to wonder how long it'll take people to recognize Utley as one of the top players in the game today. And, when I say that, I truly mean a top player. At the very least top five but possibly the best all-around player in the game. One could debate it and not truly be wrong. I used to say that Utley wasn't even the best second baseman in baseball but he is. And he is such by a wide, wide, wide margin. It's not even close. However, he now may be the best player in the game and not just the best second baseman in the game.

Time to recognize greatness. Both past and present.

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